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Spring’s Spiritual Renewal: Ma’s Words

15 March 2012 One Comment Print article Print article

March and April bring us many spiritual days of renewal and celebration. First, on March 7th, we celebrated Holi, a big day of celebration in India and also the day that Guruji attained self-realization. The following is from a letter sent by Ma regarding this special day:

Holi is here again. It’s time to become holy, to become whole. Holi is a day, an event in history reminding the spiritual seeker to burn the ego. It also teaches that any spiritual energy and powers that one may attain must always be used positively for the good of all. If misused, it will lead to one’s downfall.

Chaitri Navratri also falls in March. These days of high spiritual energy run from from March 22 – 31, a perfect time for personal anusthan.

On the last day of Navratri, on March 31st, we celebrate Ram’s birthday, Ram Navami. Contact your local center to find out what is planned for this special time. Also, be sure to read Ramā’s Heart­­, the Essence of Ramā’s Truth, a beautiful teaching translated from from the Adhyātma-Rāmāyana

Ma teaches about Navratri and the workings of the Ram tattwa in the following:

Navratri literally means nine nights. These nights, along with the days, are of high energy. The Divine Mother is very significant during these days, but this is also the time of Lord Rama’s final battle with the demon, Ravana. Shakti poured down on earth for Lord Ram’s victory in that battle. Lord Rama has taught mankind a great lesson by reminding us that both He and Ravana are in us at all times. The historical happened a few thousand years ago, but within us the battle goes on even now.

Ravana is none other than lust, greed, anger, ego, hatred, etc. within us, while on the other hand, truth, compassion, love etc. is the Rama Tattva within us: the state of Sat-Chit-Anand — Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

Rama and Ravana are constantly at battle within us. By Guru’s grace we have received the priceless gift of the Name and mantra, Ram. So by strong efforts, with love, faith and determination, constantly repeat this name and mantra to subdue and eventually destroy the Ravana within.

In whatever condition Rama’s name is repeated, it is never a waste. As Tulsidasji writes in the Ramayana,“The Name repeated either with good or bad thoughts, in anger or even in laziness while yawning, will diffuse joy in all ten directions.”

Install the luminous gem in the form of the Divine Name, Ram, on the threshold of the tongue at the doorway of your mouth. Then you will have light both inside and out.


Finally in April, we have the opportunity to celebrate Hanuman’s birthday on Hanuman Jayanti. It falls on April 7th but will be celebrated on April 7th.

Disciples will get together in Antioch to chant 108 Hanuman Chalisas. Click here forShri Anandi Ma’s 2012 Schedule where you’ll find more info on this event.

If you are not from the Antioch area, contact your local center to find out what is planned for this special time.

In the following, Ma talks about the relationship between Guruji and Hanumanji:

As an incarnation of Shiva, Hanumanji holds a key position in the lineage and its energies. As Guruji very deeply and profoundly read and studied the scripture of the Ramayana, He was deeply touched by Hanumanji’s devotion. Hanumanji became a role model for Guruji in terms of devotion and serving the Lord and humanity.

When Guruji was invited to take over the Bandhwad ashram, the Hanuman temple was there. For the first twenty or thirty years of His years there, He did very intense practices at Hanumanji’s feet and in the cave right below the temple, so he had a many deep and powerful experiences with Hanumanji.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail


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  • Lal JaduSingh said:

    Jai Shree Hanumanji, the Mighty One, the Supreme Devotee!

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