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[May 8, 2013]

But you have to understand that just being able to meditate or having a vision is not everything. Also watch out for the changes that have occurred during the course of your life since you started the practices. Has your fear lessened? Has your anger lessened? . . .

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[Apr 4, 2013]

Kundalini can be activated through any of the yoga practices, including mantra repetition, meditation and even hatha yoga. However, awakening the kundalini is one thing; taking it to the deeper levels is where meditation comes in..

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[Feb 28, 2013]

“With practice and patience, it is definitely possible to gain complete control of the mind.” From a talk given by Shri Anandi Ma at a public program in CT.

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[Jan 29, 2013]

This talk was given by Shri Anandi Ma at the 2013 celebration of Dhyanyogiji’s Birthday, in Nikora, India. [youtube][/youtube]          

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[Jan 26, 2013]

“Today we are celebrating the 135th birth anniversary of our very precious and beloved guru. With every passing year, His divinity, His unique and exclusive states and energy continue to be an expanding experience of great value and benefit, and this limited and restricted mind is amazed at grasping all of that.”

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[Dec 25, 2012]

This is a talk given by Shri Anandi Ma at her birthday celebration on October 13th of this year.

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[Dec 24, 2012]


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[Nov 1, 2012]

Shri Anandi Ma gave this talk in August, 2012, at the retreat held in honor of Shri Dhyanyogi’s Mahasamadhi.

“. . . Whenever I read it, I get inspired and motivated to dig deeper, searching for that absolute principle which Ram is. One of the thoughts in that process of contemplation was that of all the thousands of verses—the dohas and the chopais—that Tulsidasji has written, only six are chosen for the process of nyas. Of all the beautiful verses he wrote, why did he select only these six for nyas? They must hold a deeper value and significance. “

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[Oct 18, 2012]

This is a video from the live webcast of Shri Anandi Ma’s birthday celebration, held in Antioch, California on October 13, 2012.

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[Sep 16, 2012]

Dear Ones, Attaining this human body is the greatest gift of creation. During the course of life a few rare opportunities come along to help one attain the goal to regain the Source. The meeting with and of a Guru, is the second-most greatest gift. Further on, many small and big chances present themselves to bring
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