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[Jan 17, 2016]

Below are links to tithi files for the U.S. time zones. Tithis Central Jan 2016-Jan 2019 Tithis Eastern Jan 2016­Jan 2019 Tithis Mountain Jan 2016­Jan 2019 Tithis Pacific Jan 2016­Jan 2019 Disciples  living outside of the U.S. may download the Tithi Timer program for free using the link below. This will allow you to generate tithis
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[Jun 20, 2013]

Dear Readers,

We are now ready to move on to a new way of communicating with the online community at large as well as students of Shri Anandi Ma. All of the articles, personal experiences, satsangs, and program information you’ve been finding in Shakti Online—plus much more—will now be part of the new and beautifully designed website,

Our mission is the same as it was from the very start: to bring the inspirational words of our teacher to all interested devotees and to keep everyone current on upcoming DYC events, retreats, and public programs. With the Internet and the growing number of DYC events that are webcast, we have the opportunity to expand that mission to include seekers globally. The new website is the perfect place for this outreach.

On the home page of the website you’ll find:

  • The Guru’s Teachings contains Anandi Ma’s talks and satsangs
  • The Lifestyle section contains Ayurveda articles and recipes
  • The Upcoming Events, Workshops & Retreats, and Upcoming Webcasts sections contain Anandi Ma’s complete schedule, and you have the ability to register for events online.
  • The Kundalini Maha Yoga, Shaktipat, Videos, Photos, and Audio sections are also definitely worth exploring

For the next couple of months, during this transition, you will still be able to log in to Shakti Online and find the full archive of Ma’s talks, satsangs, and other articles on yoga. If there are certain things that you would like to make sure you can find easily, you might want to take this time to download or print posts such as the tithis used for practices or the text of Rama’s Heart.

Finally, we will continue to send out the monthly email alerting you to new articles uploaded to the site.

We thank you for your enthusiasm for Shakti Online over these past few years and hope that you continue to stay connected with Anandi Ma and Dhyanyoga Centers through the new website. We know that you’ll enjoy all that it has to offer.


The Shakti Staff

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[May 7, 2013]

To celebrate Hanuman Jayanti last month, Shri Anandi Ma led the chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas at the DYC Center at Antioch, CA. A large group of devotees joined the onsite event but there were also many others joining via webcast. The following experiences from people living in the Boston area give a true sense of how powerful the webcasts can be.

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[Apr 1, 2013]

A lot of love and effort have gone into the redesign of Check it out.

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[Jan 24, 2013]

“Suddenly I realized that God can and does take the entire being of the devotee, not just the soul, and absorbs every last particle; and I realized this form of self-realization is equally as valid as self-inquiry. One can be in the waking state in a form of deep meditation yet with the senses somehow active and merge completely with God, who is Guru in the felt sense.”

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[Nov 27, 2012]

A Philadelphia Dhyanyogi Kundalini Maha Yoga Meditation group is forming. We are seeking Shri Anandi Ma’s disciples local to Phildadelphia and the Tri-State area to get together for group meditation practice. Please contact Scott at

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[Nov 24, 2012]

Please click on a link below to view/download the tithis for your time zone within the continental US: •  Tithis (Pacific-US) 2013-2015 •  Tithis (Eastern-US) 2013-2015 •  Tithis (Mountain-US) 2013-2015 •  Tithis (Central-US)  2013-2015

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[Jul 30, 2012]

Reflections on Guru Purnima

The following experiences were sent in by disciples who attended the Guru Purnima Retreat in CT. Shri Anandi Ma encourages her students to share experiences with each other. She has asked that at least once a year we contribute something to Shakti Online.


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[Jul 15, 2012]

The Mahasamadhi Retreat: A Great Gift

I was blessed to have met Guruji in 1977 and spend amazing times in His presence. I attribute all the good I have accomplished and the many times I was saved from great harm to being with Him during those few years. My life on all levels has been empowered by my time with Guruji and shaktipat  initiation. Guruji told us frequently that He was “with us always,”. . . . more >>>

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[Jun 8, 2012]

Shri Anandi Ma encourages her students to share experiences with each other. She has asked that at least once a year we contribute something to Shakti Online. It need not be big, or flashy. It may be long, or as short as a sentence, whatever the inspiration to share requires. Be aware that all experiences
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