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Satsang: Helping the Sick and Dying

23 July 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

The following is from the public programs held in September 2009 in Woodbury, Connecticut:

Question: I work with sick and dying people. How can I show them compassion and love but still stay detached and not interfere with God’s will?

Shri Anandi Ma: There is a verse from one the Ramayana that Dhyanyogi practiced and taught. It says that we as humans ask for many things from the Lord, but they may not all be granted to us, and many times we get angry or upset when a particular thing does not coming our way. Of course, it is often denied because God or that consciousness knows that this is probably not in our best interests. So when praying for someone who is sick, have the attitude of, ‘Oh Lord, whatever is best for the soul of this person, please let that happen.’ Leave it to the consciousness to decide what’s best and don’t interfere with any other processes. The best prayer is, ‘Lord, may this soul merge with you infinitely. Other than that, you decide whatever is the best for the person, for the soul.’

In a person’s final days or moments, it is important that you try to keep them as comfortable as possible. Remind them of what the goal of life is, even at that time. Remind them of whatever faith they have, whatever beliefs they hold. Talk about going further in their faith, merging with that infinite and to not worry about what’s being left behind. Every person is different but after finding out where their mind is and what their fears are, support them with your love and compassion. This can help make it very positive experience. When the soul is leaving the body a key factor is what is in the awareness or consciousness at the moment of death. That determines what’s going to follow. Remembering to repeat any divine name at that time will automatically liberate the soul. But it’s difficult for that to happen if the practice is not there all one’s life. In the final moments people think of everything else but that.

So support what the person needs. Pray for them and use whatever means, tools, knowledge you have in that process.


Image: Extract from the cover image of William Blake’s Songs of Experience



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