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Hanuman, Incarnation of Shiva

27 March 2011 One Comment Print article Print article

The following is from a talk by Shri Anandi Ma.

“O Hanuman, Son of the Wind, You are the destroyer of all difficulties. You are also the personification of auspiciousness. Along with Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita, please come and forever reside in my heart.”

from the Hanuman Chalisa

Lord Shiva’s devotion to Lord Rama is so complete and unique. When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama on earth, Lord Shiva took the form of Lord Hanuman as a monkey to serve His master. In Indian spiritual history, there never has been, and never will be, a devotee as complete and profound as Lord Hanuman.

When Lord Shiva decided to incarnate in the physical realm to serve His master, the question arose, “What would be the ideal form to serve with love and devotion? It is contrary to the dharma or duty of seva to take a human form like the Lord’s.” On this basis He decided to take the lower form of a monkey, thereby keeping His master above Him. He felt the monkey does not need cooked food or meat, he does not need a home or bed or ornaments. He can adapt to any condition. Such was Shiva’s love and devotion.

The cosmic egg of creation, the power of creation, is firmly established in Hanuman’s body of pure love. He personifies the grace of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He has the distinctive power of Rudra (Shiva). He is the force of prana and is completely detached, with the supreme intelligence of His mother.

Guruji often said that when you want to meet a very important person it might be difficult. But if you know and are friends with the secretary or someone close to that person, then through that person you can meet the important individual. So, if you win the heart of Hanuman He will surely take you to Rama, without doubt.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail


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  • Scott Ingram said:

    This is so inspirational! I’ve read it a buch of times.

    Sita Ram,


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