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There Are No Accidents

1 March 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

Because I do some vigorous pranayama every day along with my practices, I wanted to see the surgeon prior to surgery to find out how soon I could resume the technique after the surgery.  While waiting to see him, I was escorted to the anesthesiologist for a pre-surgical meeting.  I waited for a time outside of his office; he was interviewing another patient.  At the end of that interview, instead of waiting to speak with me, he left to go to the operating room.  I was asked to return to the waiting room.  In a while I was escorted again to see another anesthesiologist and the same thing happened.  The anesthesiologist left with the patient before me and I was sent back to the waiting room.

With humor, though serious, I proclaimed that I would not walk that corridor again unless I actually was going to be seen.  Next time I was returned to the first anesthesiologist, and again with some humor, I inquired if the anesthesiology depart-ment had decided that I could handle the surgery without anesthesia, since the anesthesiologists fled when they saw me.   Into the midst walked the surgeon, and his presence pre-empted my conversation with the anesthesiologist.  I demonstrated the pranayama so that he could gauge the time before I could return to the practice.  When he left, the anesthesiologist, having witnessed the exchange with the surgeon, asked, “Do you do Kundalini yoga?” and that, of course, opened the door to my experience, to Ma, to the NY programs, etc.  He was recently introduced to Kundalini yoga and had begun meditating.  He was “turned on” and had just organized a research project to observe how meditators vs. non-meditators respond before, during and right after anesthesia.  He asked if I would be the first subject of his study.  I agreed.  Shortly thereafter, we met in the O.R. together.  When I opened my eyes, I found this delightful man, Rodney, at my bedside in the recovery room.  He was waiting to tell me that he was excited about the results of what he had observed with whatever he was monitoring with me and told me that right after the surgery he had gone to the DYC website, that he read about our path and checked out the NY Programs, which he said he will attend as he is clear of conflicts with medical conferences at that time.  At the end of it all, he said again, “Surely, there are no accidents.”

Still in the recovery room, two nurses came to remove wires and tubes.  A messenger from the surgeon came in to say that he had set up a follow-up appointment for me in June.  It was, however, a date that I would not be able to keep and would have to change, I explained, since I would be in California at that time.  And then the questions came:  Doing what?  Building a house and being with my yoga and spiritual community.  Where in California?  Antioch.  “Oh my gosh,” said one of the nurses.  “I grew up in Sacramento, and my father lives in Antioch.  I am going to return there to live as of March 26th.”  Then she asked where my yoga group was as she does yoga and wants to connect with a serious yoga group when she gets to Antioch.  I told her that our Center is located on Contra Loma.  Another “Oh my gosh.”  Her father’s business is on Contra Loma.  Cheri Hume is coming to Antioch.  We should all be meeting her when she arrives.  Another confirmation that  “There are no accidents,” or as one of the nurses who had observed bits and pieces of all of this said, “You came for surgery, but you seem to be a referral agent for everybody.”

Finally I got the report from the doctor about how my procedure went from his perspective.  The news was very good.  The surgery was performed quickly, without complication, and the results were “surprising” to the doctor – almost no debris on the stent, which usually collects deposits that can turn into kidney stones, and the interior of the stent was without any occlusions(unusual).  The Rx from my medical team is that I am to continue doing what I am doing.  I know that it is a huge privilege that comes through Shaktipat that I receive the blessings and grace allowing me to do what I am doing.

Sometimes events conspire to make us unmistakably aware of how higher influences are working in our lives   When our connection to everything and everyone around us pops into our awareness, it is indeed amazing to see and makes every moment and experience of life feel sacred and precious.  I am forever grateful to Anandi Ma and Guruji and the path we travel for the experiences that reveal these sacred connections.

Jai Gurudev!

Editors note:

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