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The True Journey – Part 2

8 June 2012 No Comments Print article Print article

Part 1 of this talk by Ma was published in April.

The yogis experience the kundalini energy in a certain form as coiled at the base of the spine. The term for this coil is the kunda, and that’s why they refer to it as the kundalini. But, once again, it has to be understood that the energy is universal and is experienced identically no matter what it is called. The kundalini is like the ray of the soul. Just as the sun has its rays, similarly the kundalini is the projection of the soul.

Just as every morning at dawn before the sun is visible we experience its rays, similarly before the soul enters the body it projects its energies through the kundalini, which creates the human body. Then finally, at a certain phase the soul enters the body.

The kundalini energy forms or creates the entire body in the embryo, and after that process is complete and it becomes inactive or dormant at the base of the spine. The child may grow and evolve, but as long as the kundalini energy is not activated, the person is not living to the full potential and the answers of life are unresolved.

The yogis say that as long as the kundalini remains dormant, only five percent of the divine energy is utilized, the remaining ninety-five percent remains untouched. They discovered that no matter what the person believes or practices, if there is to be any spiritual growth or evolution, this energy must be brought into a state of activity. Only then will there be growth and spiritual experiences. Since the kundalini is the master key to reach the source, then we have to look for different tools and techniques to be able to awaken the kundalini. Several different techniques were found and some of them, like the practices of hatha yoga and pranayam, can impact the kundalini over time. Also, by simply serving humanity in selfless service, that state is reached when the kundalini can be awakened as well.

But all these paths are going to be very time consuming and will demand a great deal of effort. If one is open and has the grace of receiving the process of shaktipat, then that same energy can be awakened very quickly and easily. Those realized beings who have attained absolute control over the vital force, the prana, and are willing to share it with others, can transmit the prana into others. Because their energy is already fused with the universal energy, they are able to help the individual connect their vital force with the universal force and, once that happens, the kundalini is awakened and the spiritual journey can start.

The process can be understood by this analogy: if an apple is hanging on the tree and an ant wants to reach the fruit, it has to crawl all the way slowly until it reaches the fruit. A monkey, once it spots the fruit, can jump from tree to tree, from branch to branch, and reach it faster. But the bird can fly directly and land on the fruit itself. So shaktipat is that process where you can land on the fruit directly. Over the years people would argue with Dhyanyogiji and He used the analogy of traveling and said, “It’s your choice. You can walk, you can ride your bike, you can take the Greyhound, or you can buy a plane ticket. Whatever, it’s your choice.”

The process of shaktipat, the transmission of Divine Energy given by a realized master, can unfold in a number of ways:

  • By touching the person
  • By looking at the person and radiating the energy through physical eyes
  • By sound energy, mantras in particular are used in India
  • By the will and thought process, the teacher can grant shaktipat to any person thousands of miles away

Shaktipat is a tremendously helpful in beginning to attain the end result, but it’s not the end in itself. Once attained, regular practice is required. Shaktipat just plants the seed and then the individual effort of watering it, giving the food, the fertilizer, and taking the seed to a stage of fruit which is self-realization is individual effort. Throughout the journey, the unique process of shaktipat is such that the master is constantly working with the individual, helping him or her to move along, and making sure that nothing stops that process until realization is achieved. Once the kundalini reaches the crown chakra at the top of the head, then and then only are all the answers revealed.

On the spiritual journey while we still remain in the body, we need to be able to use our bodies as well as our minds to the best of our ability, and the awakened energy supports that tremendously. There can be a great impact on the overall enhancement of physical health and well-being and also of the mental faculties. While we remain in the body in the physical plane, life will naturally continue to unfold but the energy gives that inner strength and support to remain balanced and to keep us moving forward.

With shaktipat a subtle bond is formed between the teacher and the student. This subtle bond is eternal and they work in a partnership until the disciple reaches the goal.

The spiritual science or path is all about the inner experience. Dhyanyogiji very deeply believed that you must have the direct inner experience. If you’re hungry, just reading recipes and books doesn’t help. You have to go to the store, buy what you need, cook it, and, of course, nothing can happen without eating it. Dhyanyogiji’s message was very simple and straightforward: come, sit, meditate, and experience. Just as you can log on the Internet and get a great deal of information, similarly as you meditate every time and as you evolve, the truths of life and the truths of yourself will be revealed to you.

I would like to pour out my love and blessings to you all. No matter what you choose as the path, it doesn’t matter, just do something to reach that source. May divine energies help you and guide you towards that achievement.


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