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Shri Anandi Ma’s Mahasamadhi Retreat Blessing, 2011

16 September 2011 9 Comments Print article Print article

Shri Anandi Ma:


Without the Guru, it is impossible to attain knowledge.

Without the Guru, it is impossible to realize the secret of the Divine.

Without the Guru, doubts can never be dispelled.

Glory to such a Guru.

May we sing his praises.

To such a Guru we bow down millions of times.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The lives of the saints and sages are very unique and extraordinary. Great beings sacrifice their lives for the peace and welfare of others. In fact, even after they have left the body, they continue guiding and working to help disciples attain their ultimate salvation. They become pillars of support for humanity and continue fulfilling their mission. Like all the great saints and sages, our beloved Guruji also worked throughout His life for the benefit of others. He is working even at this moment today, and will continue to do so. As long as there is even one individual in this creation who thinks, remembers, or repeats the name of Dhyanyogi, His work will continue.

This year is the seventeenth year since Guruji’s mahasamadhi. His path of Kundalini Maha Yoga is the union of the three paths to reach God—devotion, yoga and supreme knowledge. This integrated approach to yoga is the key to the ultimate source of God realization. Guruji put us on the golden chariot that treads all three paths simultaneously. He very kindly and lovingly gave us shaktipat, and initiated us with the Ram mantra and the Bhut Shuddhi mantra. He then embarked us on the path of meditation. It is to be understood that devotion and yoga are the steps to purify the heart and mind, essential in leading to the state of absolute knowledge. The attainment of such knowledge is the goal and an aspect of liberation itself.

Over the years, during this remembrance of Guruji’s mahasamadhi, we have organized different events with the sole purpose of helping you achieve levels of deep purification of body and mind so that the spirit may be revealed. The goal is to destroy and burn away all previous samskaras, open the fountains of devotion in your heart, and bring about the purification of the chitta thereby leading to absolute states of concentration and meditation. This process helps bring about the union of heart and mind so that the ultimate state of knowledge can be experienced.

Many times in that process, when we performed certain rituals, karmakand, such as pujas or fire ceremonies, a few disciples felt that we were shifting away from Guruji’s teachings and path. However, that is a misunderstanding. All the events were clearly planned through intuition that came from Guruji. These practices are very unique and extremely rare; many of them are impossible to perform by an individual for various reasons, and it was only in these group situations that we were able to perform them so that everyone attending could benefit. Although they were group practices, the sankalpa was made by me through Guruji’s instruction, and the benefit of those practices was equally potent for each and every individual present.

All external performances of karmakand help in the process of purifying the chitta, and until that is achieved, nothing can be attained. It is only when the chitta is cleansed and purified that the mind will be able to concentrate, making meditation possible. Then the state of samadhi can be reached. This whole process is a critical part of yoga and meditation.

We have never asked you to do any of those practices, any of the rituals, at home on a daily basis.  Guruji always said, and we are emphasizing it again as well, that all you need to do is repetition of the Guru mantra and meditation; those are the critical and most important practices. They are complete.

At one of the Mahasamadhi retreats in Pennsylvania, we had started to discuss the Ram Tattva, the absolute principle of Ram, and it was our thought and plan to continue doing that every year at Mahasamadhi. But as the time came closer, the intuition and guidance that came was different and so we followed that direction instead. Now, however, we are at a point where we are being lead back to that inquiry and need to go to a deeper level of understanding the tattva, the absolute principle. This knowledge cannot be attained by reading books or listening to lectures. It comes only through inner experience. It is only when you smell something or eat the dessert, that you enjoy the fragrance or the taste. When a cake is baking, its aroma prepares you for the delicious taste, but until it’s eaten, the true experience does not manifest. Similarly, it is only with the experience of the absolute principle within one self that one can glimpse the absolute energy of creation. Only then will darkness and ignorance be destroyed and the experience of the true state, “Who am I,” as the absolute consciousness, pure truth, and infinite bliss become part of the inner state. Only then will darkness and ignorance be destroyed and the experience of the true state, “Who am I,” become part of the inner state as the absolute consciousness, pure truth, and infinite bliss.

We are experiencing the absolute through Lord Ram and the Ram Tattva. Since we have a guru and follow His guidance and instructions, we are also graced with the Guru Tattva. The two are inseparable.


Ram is the Supreme Being; He is the form of truth, consciousness and bliss. By repeating the Rama Raksha Stotram, it is possible to attain anything and everything in this life and the afterlife.

For us, the simplest tool that Guruji gave to attain the experience of the absolute principle is devotion to Lord Ram. Meditating on the Rama Raksha Stotram that Guruji taught us at the Vajra Panjar retreats reveals to us in a very complete and precise way who or what Ram is.

In this process, the aspect of yoga comes when we lose our sense of the individual self and merge with the infinite Self. Then, and only then, will we be able to have a glimpse of that absolute principle and know who we really are.

At shaktipat, Guruji gave us the master key to unlocking a lineage that was thousands of years old, the Ram mantra. He also gave the Bhut Shuddhi mantra for removing barriers at any level, from the physical to the subtle, between the individual soul and the supreme soul. He shared with us that it is through meditation that we are able to remove those barriers and bring about the process known as laya, or merging with the absolute. In the retreats of the Vajra Panjar, He gave very profound teachings like the Ram Raksha Stotram, the Hanuman Chalisa, various pranayama techniques, and finally the most potent practice, the Trailokya Mohan Stotra. Those of you who have attended retreats know there are many techniques still unpracticed. In three weekends Guruji gave what is a practice for a lifetime, if not many more. What He gave has been more than complete, so really there is nothing more to teach. Whatever you already have simply needs to be practiced. Please be on guard and don’t miss this opportunity.

Guruji put a lot of significance on certain practices and teachings, some being a little deeper and more difficult than others and so everyone is not able to grasp them. They pertain to the level of the absolute principle and if a person is not ready, if a soul is not at that level of evolution, then it will not be able to accept or understand anything. Guruji was a tremendous believer in subtlety and what He has given is at such a subtle realm that even today, there is hardly a disciple who completely understands all that He taught.

Time is passing like water or sand through our hands. Once the moment is lost it is never regained, and we are constantly at every moment, with every breath, coming closer to that point of leaving the body. Every moment is priceless, so use it to the fullest. No one knows when that moment will come when we have to go from this earthly plane. You’ve had a lot of fun and games, but now it’s time to wake up and do things that are extremely crucial for your self-evolution. On this occasion of Guruji’s mahasamadhi, I pray to Him and give blessings on His behalf and the lineage, that Lord Ram may reside in your heart, may you reside in His heart, and may you attain the understanding and the experience of that absolute principle.


Shri Guru Hridaya Biraajata Raam

Sadaa Karo Meeraa Kalyaan

Oh, Ram, you reside in the heart of my Guru.

Kindly always work for my welfare.

Inscribe this chant in your hearts forever!

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

Sarve santu niramayah

Sarve bhadrani pasyantu

Ma kascid dukhabhag bhavet

Ma kascid dukhabhag bhavet

Om shantih shantih shantih

Shri Ramachandra bhagavan ki jai!

Sadaguru Deva ki jai!


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  • Suryakant Small said:

    Ma, thank you!

  • rafael "Jayram" monfort said:

    Shri Anandima, You are always in the temple of my heart…


  • Shradhdha said:

    Dear Ma and Bapuji,

    SitaRam! Jai Gurudev!!!

    Thank you for your love and blessings.

    Love & Pranam,

  • Sushila/Susan Hart said:

    My deepest blessings to Ma & Bapuji.
    I read Ma’s Blessing, and thank You for this.
    Love, Sushila Hart

  • Ivan said:

    Sita Ram,

    Would someone please write the words Ma chants above,

    that she advises to inscibe in our hearts forever.

    “Oh, Ram, you reside in the heart of my Guru.

    Kindly always work for my welfare.”

    Thank you!

  • Savita said:

    Praise to You for all that You give,
    for surely You show us the way to live.

    Jai Ma, Jai!

  • sue rama said:

    Hi Ivan,
    I put the transliteration of the last clip in the post. It is a samput for the Hanuman Chalisa that we commonly use. You can find it in the white chant book on page 81. It is samput #8.

  • aDHVARYU said:


  • John Colarusso said:

    Dear Ma,

    Thank you so much. You are always in my heart.

    Love and Pranam,


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