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Shri Anandi Ma’s Easter Blessing

22 May 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

Antioch CA,  April, 4, 2010

Today is Easter Sunday. Ideally we should meditate on Christ and more so contemplate on his teachings. Guruji used to say that the life of a master, of a saint, is like things in nature that we observe — the tree, the river, the ocean and such. These things exist for the benefit of others, regardless of how they are treated in return. The tree is always providing shade, always giving fruit. It continues to do that until the end of its life. Similarly, the life of the saint is always there for the welfare of humanity, no matter what people give back in return. Just as sandalwood continues to give off its beautiful fragrance even as it is ground down, so the great masters, the great teachers have constantly done throughout their lives.

The life of Christ was very unique, very deep. In spite of what society did to him in the end, His experiences, his teachings and his legacy have lived on far beyond his physical existence. He continues to be a powerful force and a guiding light for millions of people.

Ma chants:

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Kabirji writes that even if others put thorns in your life, you give them rose petals in return, and eventually you will get back those very petals. Christ imbibed and taught the qualities of compassion, love, forgiveness, and tolerance. These are the qualities that we need to invite in our daily lives and living. We also need to be absolutely fearless; there is nothing to be afraid of in life;

Christ imbibed and taught the qualities of compassion, love, forgiveness, and tolerance. These are the qualities that we need to invite in our daily lives and living. We also need to be absolutely fearless. . .”

if you stick to the truth and follow it, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. Christ’s most profound quality was that of tolerance. One of the biggest difficulties that most individuals have in life is the ability to forgive, and he exemplified forgiveness. His life was rather short but in spite of that, what he achieved was tremendously profound and, thousands of years later, his name and his teachings continue to resonate on earth.

Many teachers don’t live long; Vivekanand was another classic example. He lived a very short life, but even today the inspiration he delivers to people is amazing in terms of their spiritual evolution. Guruji used to say it doesn’t matter how short or long a master lives, what they have given lives forever. In spite of being in so much pain on the cross, Christ’s heart was still full of compassion for mankind. For him to say, Lord, forgive them, is such a tremendous quality, and an aspect of total merging with the Divine. Maintaining that attitude even in adverse situations is the beauty of life, and that is what we have to learn. During good times it’s easier, but adversity is the true test of how we interact. Are we remaining balanced? That is the trick to learn and follow. So on this day, we mentally bow down to Christ and ask for his blessings and his grace, that we are able to achieve such a deep and profound level of both understanding and acceptance of life, and are able to live up to those qualities, so that we also can love, be tolerant, and most of all be loving to each and every one around us.

So in some form or another, think of him and his teachings today, and mentally ask for his grace.

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

Sarve santu niramayah

Sarve bhadrani pasyantu

Ma kascid dukhabhag bhavet

Ma kascid dukhabhag bhavet

Om shantih shantih shantih

Shri Ramachandra bhagavan ki jai!

Sadaguru Deva ki jai!



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