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The Full 2011 DYC Schedule

7 November 2010 9 Comments Print article Print article


JANUARY (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in India)


FEBRUARY (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in seclusion)


MARCH (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in seclusion)

March 2 Shivaratri* | Check with your local center

March 18 Holi/ Dhyanyogiji’s Realization Day* | Check with your local center


APRIL (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in seclusion)

April 2–12 VP Applied (Chaitri Navratri)*† | Antioch, CA and East Coast (location TBD)

April 17 Hanuman Jayanti Celebration*† | check with your local center


MAY (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in seclusion)


JUNE (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in seclusion)


JULY (Anandi Ma & Dileepji in seclusion)

July 15–17 Guru Purnima Retreat*†  | Antioch, CA and East Coast (location TBD)



August 12–14 VP Advanced Teachings | Antioch, CA

August 18–21 Mahasamadhi Retreat† | Antioch, CA



September 1–4 VP 2 East Coast (location TBD)

September 8 & 9 Public Meditation Programs | Woodbury, CT

September 10 Chakra Bhedan 4 | Woodbury, CT

September 11 Shaktipat | Woodbury, CT

September 16 & 17 Public Meditation Programs | Boston, MA

September 18 Shaktipat | Boston, MA

Sept 27–Oct 4 Come Do a Personal Anusthan in Antioch | Antioch, CA



October 8 Anandi Ma’s Birthday Celebration† | Antioch, CA

October 13 & 14 Public Meditation Programs | Antioch, CA

October 15 Spirituality & Psychology: Part 2† | Antioch, CA

October 16 Shaktipat | Antioch, CA

October 24 (tentative) Lakshmi Puja & Kali Chanting† | Antioch, CA

October 27 & 28 Public Meditation Programs | Berkeley, CA

October 29 Cooking for the Sattvic Soul | Antioch, CA

October 30 Shaktipat | Antioch, CA



November 4 & 5 Public Meditation Programs | Albuquerque, NM

November 6 Shaktipat | Albuquerque, NM

November 10 & 11 Public Meditation Programs | Boulder, CO

November 12 Pranayama Workshop | Boulder, CO

November 13 Shaktipat | Boulder, CO

November 18 & 19 Public Meditation Programs | Tucson, AZ

November 20 Shaktipat | Tucson, AZ

Nov 2011, Dec 2011, or Jan 2012Come Do a Personal Anusthan in Nikora | Nikora, India


* Anandi Ma and Dileepji will not be physically present at these events because of their personal retreat.

Event may be webcast. Please check with your local center for details about the webcast.



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  • rafael 'jayram' monfort said:

    I fully agree for our Gurus to have long vacation. It should have been done earlier. I remember several years ago attending on retreats or public meditations sometimes Anandima have colds and cough but still kept with the programs.
    I’m offering my farm house here in the Philippines my beloved Gurus. Anandima and Bapuji you can stay here. It’s way out from the cities. I have 3 extra rooms. I will do seva for you as your devoted disciple. You will like it here it’s almost like India. It’s very quite and plenty of trees you will be surrounded by the sugarcane fields. We have good rain and not so hot summer. There’s several organic vegetables at the garden. Also in the city there’s a small Indian grocery if needed.
    My beloved Gurus you are welcome here…
    My Love and devotion.

  • jayesh said:

    are there any programs of anandi ma in india and how can indians apply for distance diksha also are the chakra bhedan cd dvds and books avialble in india ashram

  • Shakti Staff said:

    It would be best to contact the Nikora ashram for that information.

    The ashram email address is

  • Michael Verrilli said:

    What is the Guru Mantra and how do you say it?
    Also, what are the traditional names of God?

    Thank you!

  • Helena said:

    Would shri anandi ma ever consider coming to south africa?

  • Helena said:

    i attend a kundalini yoaga class in the inner city where many women get to learn yoga. to many it is the first exposure they have had to this wonderful system and it brings many new benefits into lives filled with many challenges and struggles. it would be so wonderful for us all to get the chance to meet shri anandi ma.

  • sue rama said:

    Hi Helena,
    You could certainly ask Shri Anandi Ma if she could come to South Africa. You could write to her at this address, and when she returns from sabbatical I’m sure she would read it:

    Dhyanyoga Centers
    PO Box 3194
    Antioch CA 94531 USA

  • Joyce said:

    Are there any plans any time in the future to have another Pancha Karma Retreat with Dr. Lad?

    Sita Ram!


  • sue rama said:

    Dr. Lad will be offering a workshop with Ma here at the Center in March, 2012 but will not offer Pancha Karma at that time (and I’m sure he ever has done that here.) and Ma will once again be offering Ayurveda Week in Antioch again in May, 2012.

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