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Sharing Something of Your Path

12 May 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

The stones making up a spiritual path are moments in time. Some stones are bright and flashy, but most often they are quiet insights and subtle shifts. As we gain the ability to pay attention, we begin to see that all the stones, even the ones that are rough and hard to walk on, serve a purpose, have a beauty.

Ma has recently reiterated a request that we share our experiences with each other. She has asked that at least once a year we contribute something. It need not be big, or flashy. It may be long, or as short as a sentence. Whatever the inspiration to share requires.

Be aware that all experiences sent to Shakti are read by the staff and edits are commonly proposed. We may propose trimming longer pieces. Please understand that this is only to make the piece an appropriate length for publication. We always respect the validity of the entire experience, but for publication editing is helpful. If we do make substantial edits we will contact you for final approval. All experiences may not be published.

If you have sent us an experience in the past and would like to resubmit it, we would welcome that. We are committed to giving each experience our attention.

You can write or copy and paste your experience in the field below. If you would like to send a recording or something by mail, let us know below and we’ll get back to you and tell you how to do that.


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