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Sharing Experiences

28 October 2010 4 Comments Print article Print article

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Ma requests that we share our experiences with each other. She has also asked that at least once a year we contribute something to Shakti Online. It need not be big, or flashy. It may be long, or as short as a sentence. Whatever the inspiration to share requires.

Be aware that all experiences sent to Shakti are read by the staff and edits are commonly proposed.  We always respect the validity of the entire experience, but for publication editing is helpful. We will contact you for final approval.

If you have sent us an experience in the past and would like to resubmit it, we would welcome that. We are committed to giving each experience our attention.

You can write or copy and paste your experience in the field below. If you would like to send a recording or something by mail, let us know below and we’ll get back to you and tell you how to do that.


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  • A Disciple said:

    I am not sure how to thank ma, bapuji and guruji for giving me such a priceless gift. Since I have taken Shaktipat, my life has tremendously changed. It is very difficult to explain in words but all aspects of my life whether it is personal or professional have been blessed by their grace. My fears, my doubts, my guilts, my anger, my laziness all seem to be slowly eroding and are being replaced by the love of divine. My professional and personal relationship has taken on new meanings and the grace of our guru helps me overcome the small obstacles thrown in the path every single moment of my life. With their grace I have come to terms with the ups and downs of the life, and can see more clearly the impact of spiritual growth in our daily life.

    For me Shaktipat has been the greatest miracle in my life and it continues to bring about small miracles every single moment.

    I truly wish that more and more lives are blessed with the grace of God and Guru, so that the life can once again become beautiful.

    With love
    Sita Ram,
    A blessed disciple

  • Thakur said:

    How is it that old devotees, regardless of their faulterings, can be so distraught in our lives after being given the greatest gift and blessings. All of the disciples I know were blessed to have darshan and initiation with Guruji, and yet we are beset with worry and dought. It is the ultimate duality that I may never (although probably will) understand. I feel it is the sundering from Guruji which causes this, but the love and devotion is still there. Could it be that our fates would be worse without this. I know that we are tormented without regular contact with Anandi Ma and Bapuji(Dileepji) and yet we must go on. Wht is this so and how do we achieve what we were meant to be (or do) or do we have a choice? Patience I believe is the answer.

  • Thakur said:

    I appologise for the last entry. As soon as I stepped outside for a cigarette, I realised the folly of my question. The bliss recieved from shaktipat can be a “double-edged sword”. Once one has achieved such bliss, nothing can be a substitute but love. Only the love as a father keeps me “going on”, regardless of the lonliness. That is dharma and a blessing. The rest is incidentals to be endured. Some think that “Maya” means “illusion”, but it really means “layers” like an onion. Everything in “this” world has layers, and we get lost in trying to make sense of the experience. One can never truly do that without realizing the divinity within all- self included. Hari om tat sat. Hari om tat sat. Hari om tat sat. Jai Gurudev!

  • Suryakant Small said:

    I take a walk every night after I get home from work, to help improve the circulation in my legs. Last night, when I started my walk, I looked up at the almost-full Guru Purnima moon, and a wave of emotion came over me as I thought of Guruji.

    I walked on, and when I was about to reach the halfway point where I turn around and head for home, I thought again about Guruji and about how much he loved to walk.

    I began to sense Guruji’s presence next to me, and my eyes filled with tears. Then, I heard Guruji’s voice speak the following four words in my mind:

    “Walk with me, Suryakant.”

    And on a subtle level invisible to physical eyes, Guruji smiled, gently grasped my hand, and together we walked home.

    Sita Ram,

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