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Satsang with Ma

6 January 2012 One Comment Print article Print article


Devotee: I received Shaktipat from another teacher and have been a devotee of this teacher for twenty years, but I am not enlightened yet. Would it help if I receive Shaktipat from you?

Guru: Twenty years may seem like a long time, but in spiritual terms it’s very short. There are people in India who have done practices for eighty years and still not had even a glimpse of spirituality until they met someone like Dhyanyogiji. Teachers are very much aware of their responsibilities. Even years after saints leave the physical body, once they die, their work continues. That is the key of Shaktipat—once that energy is transferred there is a subtle link between the Teacher, the student, and the lineage. Not only is the physical teacher responsible and working, but the teachers of the lineage continue to work and operate through the Guru Tattwa at the subtle level. Nothing has changed, even if the Guru is not active physically.

It would be best to maintain your faith and to keep on doing your practices. It’s not necessary that you start looking for another path and another teacher. Of course, ultimately, it’s all from one source; there is no difference. All rivers merge into the same ocean. Similarly, all Teachers come from one God, and all Teachers take everyone to that same God.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail


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  • Christine Arunika Devi said:

    THANK YOU!!. I have found that to be the TRUTH…and I am blessed and filled with gratitude..that the GURU which is alive within everything,allows others to take us under their protective wings and support this journey. A shelter in the mental storm.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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