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Satsang with Ma: Resistance in Meditation

27 February 2013 No Comments Print article Print article

Devotee: How do I open more softly and practice surrender to resistance in meditation?

Shri Anandi Ma: The resistance that you’re talking about is an aspect of your mind. You’re trying to analyze something, trying to grasp something that is not even in the hands of the analytical mind. As long as the mind is in the picture, the consciousness is pushed away.

Vivekananda, a teacher in India, said that spirituality begins where the intellect ends. So if you want to go deeper, you have to surrender and have the faith that God or that consciousness is leading you. Then resistance or the fear of going deeply cannot exist; it has to go, and you can move forward. As long as you have those mental barriers, meditation doesn’t come easily.

This is what faith is all about and why practicing regularly and consistently is so important. Over time, you won’t experience these blocks.



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