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Satsang with Guruji

5 November 2011 No Comments Print article Print article

Disciple: If God is everywhere, why don’t we know him?

Guruji: Between God and us there is maya and it is like a wall. Just as you cannot see things on the other side of a wall, in the same way we don’t see God. In the Ramayana, Ram is God, Sita is maya, and Laksman represents the independent soul. When they were in the jungle, Sita walked between Ram and Laksman so Laksman was not able to see Ram. In the same way, maya comes between a separate soul and God. To eliminate the curtain of maya we have to do sadhana – chanting, meditation – and once maya is eliminated God-realization will come.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail


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