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Satsang with Guruji: What is Grace?

14 March 2012 2 Comments Print article Print article

Devotee:  What is grace?

Guruji:  When one person is suffering and another person feels this suffering as his own, wanting to help in whatever way he can, in thought, word, or deed; if he can remove the suffering of that person through his energy or through his power, then that is grace. God and Guru are constantly working along these lines, they do not expect anything in return.  They are just working for the welfare and happiness of others.

In the scriptures it is said that the saints’ and the yogis’ hearts melt away when they see the suffering of others. They take the suffering upon themselves and try to solve it for the person.  One poet says the heart of the saint is as soft as butter. Another poet says that this is true, but it is still not complete because even to melt butter some heat is required;  but the yogi only needs to see the suffering of other people to make his heart melt away.

The saint sees God in every atom and in every particle. Saint Tulsidas says that he sees God in every form of life:  in the birds, in the trees, in the animals, in the rivers and streams, and in all people; and he bows down to everyone and everything.  Thus since he sees God everywhere, when he sees suffering, he feels it is his own and tries to solve it.  So when one has the feeling of doing good for others without expecting anything in return, that is grace.


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  • Yeshe said:

    May we all have such Grace and such a heart…to relieved the sufferings of all beings!

  • Lal JaduSingh said:

    This is indeed the Santana Dharma: working selflessly for the welfare of others as they are in essence one’s own self!

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