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Satsang with Guruji: The Householder and Surrender

2 April 2013 No Comments Print article Print article

Devotee: Is it possible to attain full union with God while still performing duties as a householder?

Guruji: Who is not a householder in this world? Your mind should be pure. It is not necessary to renounce the world in order to have realization. Many great saints have been householders. If a householder is having a fever and a student who has renounced the world is having a fever, the medicine would work on them equally. In the same way, meditation and good deeds work for all. If you go to the jungle for realization and your mind is not detached, you will still think about your wife, your clients, etc. Your mind will drag you back home. What is important is the mind.

Devotee: What does it mean to surrender to the Guru?

Guruji: Surrender to the Guru means that you have firm faith and devotion to him or her and for the subject s/he teaches. Only under such circumstances can s/he impart full knowledge to you.


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