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Personal Anusthan in Nikora, India

19 November 2011 One Comment Print article Print article

Nikora, India

Take this opportunity to experience the profound spiritual energy of our ashram in Nikora and to go within in this spiritually nourishing environment. All anusthans are done individually, with group meditations in the temple each morning and evening. Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji will be in residence at the ashram from mid-December through mid-January.

Pre-requisite: Shaktipat in this lineage


  • Registration is required.
  • Registration deadline: at least one month prior to your arrival in Nikora
  • To register or for more info contact, Jayshree at 925-779-9660 or email her at for more info.

Fees: $35 per day for room and board

 Some travel info:

  • We can arrange taxis from Bharuch, Baroda and Ahmedabad at a cost of between $35 and $125 each way
  •   Please note that the closest airport is Vadodara, aka Baroda
  • The closest train station is Bharuch


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One Comment »

  • Sw. Shaktiananda (Selene Gómez) said:

    I been experiences Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusundasdaji on my meditations and classes of yoga.
    The first timew was 1998, on the beginning I didn´t undertan his name but He said to my DIANA as I ask his name. Then I said to him , but you are a yogi cannot have that name, then he said his name again sooit was to long to rember the complete name. Any way, he come and teach me abaut Shakti in my classes of yoga, and one day when I was meditated he stant on front of and place his hands in my crown (sAHASRARA) and between my eyes AJNA; then he name Shakti.
    Some years later come to my hands the book of SHAKTI INTRODUCTION OF KUNDALINI MAHA YOGA, then I open it and when I saw his photo I cry and cry because HE WAS and the name was very clear. But then I saw the he was not any more in Kama loka or here in this plane.
    Im from Mexico but from a little Island. I teach yoga PURNA YOGA INTEGRAL that integrates all the methods of yoga.

    I want to go to the retreat, because in my heart is Dhyanyogi and until now I have the possibility to travelto India to see sHRI ANANDI MA.

    Swamini Ma Shaktiananda ( Selene Gómez)

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