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Navratri Inspiration

5 October 2010 One Comment Print article Print article

This article originally published in 2010 has links to many articles about Navratri.


Navratri is almost here. As Ma and Bapuji have said, “take advantage of the energy of those days. Don’t miss that opportunity; make sure you do something. As the scriptures state, and as Guruji used to say, “The eternal moment is very significant in a spiritual practice.” You might sit for five minutes, but those five minutes must be such that your communication with God is complete and thorough with nothing to distract you.” The following series of articles are collected here to support you during these auspicious days.

A September Message from Ma and Bapuji inspires us to deeper practice during Navratri
Three interviews in which Ma discusses anusthan:

Navratri Practices discusses specific practices to focus on during Navratri.

Navratri: A Celebration of the Divine explains the significance of Navratri and its connection to the Divine Mother and Lord Ram.

An article by Dileepji, Anusthan: A powerful Opportunity for Spiritual Progress, outlines an amazing practice that helps focus our Navratri practices.

Anusthan Guidelines lists Shri Anandi Ma’s specific recommendations for this practice.

Simple and Satisfying Fasting Recipes helps us plan our meals to support our anusthan efforts. You’ll find more fasting recipes by doing a search in the archives for “fasting recipe”.

In Anusthan: a Disciple’s Experience, a disciple tells of a deep appreciation of the power of anusthan.

The Ramayana in Words, Sounds and Pictures has information on ways to bring the Ramayana into our practices.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail


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  • Sagar Ghanwat said:

    Sadguru Shri Dhyani Parmatmane Nam:
    Anandi Ma Ki Jay, Bapuji ki Jay

    I always feel so lucky as I am your disciple. Whenever I read anything written by Ma or Bapuji, I feel purity in it. I feel this is the absolute truth. I belive in that so deeply as if this is what my mind was searching for. I can not express my feelings in words exactly but couldn’t resist myself from writing this.

    Thank You for being with me always.

    Jay Grudev…

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