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Mother’s Day Wishes

10 May 2012 41 Comments Print article Print article


We invite all who would like,

to send Shri Anandi Ma your

own personal wishes for Mother’s Day.

You may use the comments form below this post.



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  • sue rama said:

    Dear Ma,
    Happy Mother’s Day. May you be surrounded always by the love and devotion of us your spiritual children! (And may I always be among them!) Thank you so much for everything.
    Love & pranaams,
    Sue Ramá

  • Rudran said:

    It was a blessed day when you gave me your grace, there is not a day that goes by that i do not benefit from it. I cherish in my heart a private place of devotion and gratefulness


  • Elizabeth said:

    Stars burn clear
    all night till dawn.

    Do that yourself, and a spring
    will rise up in the dark with water
    your deepest thirst is for.

    ~ Rumi

    Dear Ma ~ infinite gratitude for your appearance here in my life, as a “spring with water my deepest thirst is for.” Happy Mother’s Day!

  • David Sahyoun said:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ma,
    May the Light of the One shines in its full glory on the blessed path of Enlightenment that which Thou Are!

  • Christine Arunika Devi said:

    Happy Mothers Day Shri Ma,

    You have given me life. I LOVE YOU, there is nothing more to say, then thank you.

    I rest my head at the feet of the GURU.
    Arunika Devi

  • Barbara Elerick said:

    Dear Ma,
    a Happy Mother’s Day wish to you coming from the heart. I cannot express enough the deep gratitude I feel for all the blessings you recently showered upon me and all the others in Albuquerque. I miss you and hope you will return soon. Love and deep pranams,

  • Jamuna Judy said:

    Dear Ma,
    Happy Mother’s Day! I love you. For all you have graciously given, taught; for all the comfort you have given.. for the healing.. For bestowing upon your disciples, those who Love you endlessly, the ability to Love endlessly themselves. Your gifts are the priceless treasures of the Universe, without a doubt.
    My endless devotion,
    Judy Jamuna

  • Betsy (BAnsi) Killian said:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ma! I’m doing well and think of you often. Thank you for all of the light that you have revealed to me!

    Betsy Killian

  • Vimal Patel said:

    Namaste Ma!

    Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your blessings and being in my life. May I always connect to you as a son and as a Disciple. I love you Ma!

    Sita Ram
    Vimal Patel

  • Rakhal said:

    Dear Ma,

    You are a Divine Chintamani for the entire universe.
    You are the Infinite Ocean of Gold coins and Silver sparkling Gems. You are MahaLakshmi Devi herself.
    Happy Mother’s Day,
    From your son,

  • Francesco said:

    Guru is such a serious word. When I think of you, my Guru, I’m the child and you’re the mother but you’re also my friend and my true wealth. This is what I feel.
    And Bapuji, you’re my mother too.
    Pranams, Francesco

  • Greg and Marina said:

    Dear Ma:

    Thank for all your blessings and grace. In you we see our highest aspirations, the highest truth, the roots of devotion and the path to liberation. There is no way to express our gratitude for these gifts.

    Happy mother’s Day


    Greg and Marina

  • Gary Higgins said:

    Dear Ma,
    Thank you so much for being our teacher. I have realized that I have been seeking you all of my life.
    Happy mothers day in the deepest sense.
    Gary Higgins.

  • Jeanne Janson said:

    Beloved Ma,

    Thanks and smiles for the ceaseless blessings which we are continually wakening to. Happy Mother’s Day for Ma and Bapuji, whose blessed partnership increases our compassion for all sentient beings; our service increases with every breath blessed by you. Infinite thanks for the healing of all on Earth and in other blessed realms.


    ecoartist Jeanne

  • Sumitra said:

    Dear Ma,

    we love you so much. Thank you for all and everything. We are so much looking forward to seeing you and Bapuji here in Prague soon.
    Happy Mother’s day!

    We bow down to your lotus feet.

    Sumitra & Chetan

  • Archana Gupta said:

    Ati Priya Adarniya Ma,

    Hamara Shat Shat Pranam!!

    Apke Darshan kiye hue bahut samay hua. Prabhu ki, Shri Hanuman Ji ki, Apki, Guruju ki, kripa drishti ki sada abhilasha rakhte hue, mai apna prem, apna adar, apna vishwas, apko arpit karti hoo. Hamare aho bhagya ki Apke roop me Ishwar Darshan, Ishwar Gyan, hamare jeevan me avtarit hai.

    Kripaya jald hi Chicago ane ka kuchh sanyojan kare Ma!! Ye hamari apse binti, agraha hai. Ab Indiana/Chicago parivar ke liye kuchh samay nirdharit kar dijiye. Aap jaisa margdarshan karengei, hum uske anuroop yahan poorn saamrthya ke saath sab vyavastha ka upaya kar lenge. Kripa kariye:)

    Aseem Prem or Adar ke saath,
    Apki shishya, Apki putri, Apki sakhi:)

  • Archana Gupta said:

    correction for last email – Kripa drishti, not dishti:)


  • Leela said:

    Dear Ma and Bapuji,
    What can I say, besides offering my deepest gratitude? You reveal the very meaning of Mother. You are the ones who open me up to that Grace. Sita Ram, all my Love,

  • Maria West said:

    Dear Anandima, You are the perfect example of the Divine Mother please have a happy and joyful Mother’s Day. Thank You for all of your love and light.

  • Barbaria Bakula said:

    Oh Maji, I love you and thank you each day.

  • Kathryn Robyn said:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Ma! May the blessings of The Mother warm you and embrace you with all our gratitude and love. Your loving disciple, Kathryn

  • Gayatri jadeja and Aradhana said:

    Pujya Ma and Pujya Bapuji,
    Ma Bapuji aje mother’s day nimite aapna Charno ma amara pranam swikarsho. Ma aap jeva Guruji amne madya tenathi amaru jeevan dhanya thay gayu. Ma aapne ane Bapuji ne ame din-rat yad kriye chiye aap amari sathe j ho cho Ma aapne yad kriye ane aap Darshan pn aapo cho.

    Ma aapna ane Bapuji na Charan kamal ma amara Pranam.

    Gayatri Jadeja and Aradhana

  • Satya said:

    To me you are the most precious gem in creation. Just to think of my eternal mother fills my eyes with tears and my heart with love. May I always live at your feet – the only refuge I need.
    Jai Guru Dev!

  • Sri Devi said:

    Dearest Ma,
    Words cannot express my gratitude and love for all you have done to change this lifetime. I cannot wait to see you again and be at Your lotus feet.
    Sita Ram,
    Sri Devi

  • Loris Donahue said:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

    Thank you so much for being my Teacher. Even though I am miles away and happily living in Minnesota, I still love You and I know You love me.

    Sita Ram,

  • Heather said:

    Dear Anandi Ma:

    I celebrate you this Mother’s Day. You are my spiritual mother, and I thank the universe for bringing you into my life.

    Sita Ram,

  • Ed Lamon said:

    The Albuquerque DYC group wishes you a happy Mother’s day! What a blessing to have you in our lives. The wait of eons is over. Those sentiments above strike a resonant chord We cannot ever thank you enough.

    With Love and gratitude
    Sita Ram
    Your devoted disciples

  • Yol Swan said:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Jai Ma! Jai Jai Ma!



  • Reva said:

    Dear Ma,

    Thank You for your many blessings.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Sita Ram!
    Much love,

    Reva + John

  • Sevaben said:

    Mataji, you are all that is beautiful to us, in are darkest moments we call you and you flood us with your divine light that gives us the faith to stand strong. You give our lives a purpose that brings a joy that was never there before. Buds from fragrant flowers now grow each day if we only take a minute to look how are garden is being fed by your divine Grace! Salutations and Garlands of Love to your Divine Lotus Feet. Humbly your disciple,Sevaben.

  • Suryakant Small said:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

    Sita Ram,

  • Jacqui said:

    Dearest Beloved Ma, Happy Be-lated Mother’s Day. Remembering your beautiful smile still fills my soul with such joy – as if I were still there in your presence. Thank you for Guruji’s love and light, he never fails to help whenever I cry to him. All eternity won’t be enough to thank you. Sending you so much gratitude and love –

  • Eric Hartford said:

    Thank you for entering my life and my heart. It has been many years since I have been able to see you and though we may not be close physically, I hold you in my heart always, and hope that you will hold me in yours. I send much Love to you.

    Jai Gurudeva!

    Sita Ram,

  • Laura Franklin (new name Swantner) said:


    Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful soul! I am so very happy to have had the opportunity to meet you in this lifetime! I appreciate your wonderful energy and I send you love! Thank you for sharing with me and the world!!!!!!
    Sita Ram!

  • Anna "Amba" Frances said:

    Dear Ma: I am so grateful for our unbreakable connection. No matter where my path takes me, You and Dhyanyogi are there with me, for me. I talk with You both everyday, telling You about my challenges and successes, thanking You for Your love and support. I experience the Guru as a living presence in my heart. You are a priceless gift in my life!
    Thank You, thank You…… Love Amba

  • Uma said:

    Beloved Ma,
    I found this opportunity to post Mother’s Day wishes for you a week after the event is officially celebrated according to the calendar. For those of us blessed to be your disciples and spiritual children, however, every day should be Mother’s Day and an occasion to gratefully remember your love and grace so constantly with us.
    With my love and pranams,

  • Maheshwari said:

    Dearest Ma,

    You are the Mother of all, who gives me all the grace and love I could ever wish for. I thank you, from the depths of my heart, for finding me in this lifetime and for constantly remaining close beside (and within) me.

    Love and dandak pranams,

  • sagar ghanwat said:

    I need you
    Ma, Bapuji your blessings with me is the most important for me

  • rohit m. preajapati said:

    happy mother day to you “MAA”.we miss you in gujarat.thank you for giving me SHATIPAT DIKHSA.

  • rohit said:

    happy mother day to you “MAA”.we miss you in gujarat.thank you for giving me SHAKTIPAT DIKHSA.
    “AAPam so grateful for our unbreakable connection. No matter where my path takes me, You and Dhyanyogi are there with me, for me. I talk with You both everyday, telling You about my challenges and successes, thanking You for Your love and support. I experience the Guru as a living presence in my heart. You are a priceless gift in my life!
    Thank You, thank You…… Love Amba JIYO HAJARO SAL YE HAMARI HAI ARAJOO”

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