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May My Mind Merge with Shiva

8 February 2011 3 Comments Print article Print article

Shri Anandi Ma in Bhav Samadhi

The Atirudra fire ceremony, a very rare and unique event dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva, or Rudra, was held at the Nikora Ashram during the first week of January. Although Lord Shiva is the superior-most deity, ‘ati’, meaning all-inclusive, is added because all the other forms of the divine, both the father and mother, are part of this practice.

Guruji’s birthday fell on January 9th, the final day of the Atirudra event and Ma gave the following talk before the fire ceremony got underway.


Guruh sivo gururdevo

Gurubandhuh saririnam



Guro-ranyanna vidyate

For the disciple, Guru is Shiva, Guru is God, and Guru is friend. Guru is both Supreme Soul and individual soul. Besides the Guru there is nothing.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today for the very first time we are celebrating Guruji’s birthday with this unique fire ceremony of Atirudra.

I remember my first darshan of Guruji. I very clearly saw Him as Shiva. He showered His extreme grace upon me and showed me His true form. I am not stating this on hearsay but on the basis of my personal experience and proof from the scriptures. I swear upon my life that our dear Guruji is none other than Lord Shiva Himself.

Just as Shiva is immersed in devotion to Lord Rama, similarly throughout the course of His life Guruji remained deep in devotion to Lord Rama.

He accepted the devotion as a servant to Lord Hanuman, the eleventh incarnation of Rudra (Shiva), and did everything to merge the disciples into the God principle by singing Hanuman’s praises.

Shiva personally has come into our lives and will remain with us as Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji until we attain the state of “I am Shiva.” Through shaktipat Guruji awakened the Universal Mother Kundalini and embarked us on the royal path to attain the knowledge of His form as Shiva.

With such cleverness and unique sharp intellect he sang the mantrochar daily. He walks with us on the path so that we don’t get lost; He guides us so that we don’t trip and fall. He is always there to support and raise us again and even willing to carry us on His back if the need arises.

To attain such a Guru–Shiva Himself–is an aspect of exquisite merit.

The mantras that Guruji chants from the vast ocean of the science of mantras are priceless pearls equivalent to this Atirudra. Each shaktipat is analogous to one Atirudra, this is my understanding, feeling, and experience.

We are all impressed by external actions. How many priests, how many kunds (fire pits), how many million offerings, how much ghee, etc. But what ingredient is more valuable than the prana itself. Guruji poured His prana freely into you, me and thousands of others so that the prana of each and all merges with the Ultimate giver of prana itself. Which fire ceremony can be greater than that? Shaktipat is the “ati” ultimate of any “‘ati” ceremony.

In the mantrochar Guruji chants, “When Shiva thinks of His true nature, He spontaneously enters eternal samadhi.” With this He gave the Shiva-Absolute state. From the Shiva-rudri (mantras used in the abhisek and fire ceremony) the mantra yajja grato…tanme manah Shiva sankalpa mastu…indicates the perfection of yoga asking, “May my mind merge with Shiva and attain that same state of energy and evolution.”

So what had Guruji not given? What has He not done for us? Destroy the tamas (dark) thoughts and actions. Improve your nature, your temperament. Give up bad habits. Do not perform any actions that will cause pain to anyone in the family or society. And of course do your practices regularly. Adopt a lifestyle that is sattvic (pure) and immerse yourself in Rama whilst becoming a servant like Hanumanji. Inscribe the axiom “May all attain their welfare” in your hearts and mind. Become the best disciples to accomplish our Guru’s sankalpa of Peace and Welfare of All.

On this pure day, and as we offer the final mantras in the Atirudra, I pray to the essence of the Vedas, Lord Shiva, and to Guruji, the embodiment of Shiva, that you attain the ultimate state: I am truth, absolute consciousness, eternal bliss.

Shri Ramachandra Bhagavana Ki Jay, Sadaguru Deva Ki Jay!



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  • satya said:

    Oh that was so beautiful and after seeing the videos from Tarak i feel deeply happy. It is becoming so much easier for me to feel Ma with me at any moment and after reading Her comments i am so grateful that this blessing can never be lost and will only grow.

  • Tamara Amba said:

    May Lord Shiva be with us in this difficult time

  • Shradhdha said:

    Dear Ma and Bapuji,
    Thank you so much for your love and blessings. I enjoyed seeing the videos and feeling blessed by Ma! May God and Guruji help us to grow more in our spiritual life and serve more people.

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