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Seva…Grab it!

26 April 2011 2 Comments Print article Print article

In 1978, when Guruji arrived in Jersey City, I had this intense desire to do seva for Guruji. I had made homemade ghee and blended cardamom seeds to be used in Guruji’s cooking. But the family that was hosting Guruji during his stay said that they had bought everything they needed from the Indian grocery store.

Meanwhile, Guruji, the knower of all, had already accepted my seva. He created circumstances that needed my seva. First of all, the lady that went shopping for the groceries realized that she had bought the ghee but accidentally left it at the store, so my homemade ghee came in handy. A little later Dileepji called and said that they needed cardamom powder.

Also during Guruji’s stay, I really wanted to cook for Guruji, Anandi Ma and Dileepji. This dream of seva also came true when I was offered a wonderful opportunity to cook for Guruji for about ten days. During this time I had a back problem, which seemed to disappear during the time I was performing seva for Guruji.

In short, seva is a wonderful experience of bliss. While doing seva, you forget your problems and you forget how tired you are. So next time a seva opportunity comes your way … GRAB IT!

Jai Sita Ram,


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  • Shradhdha said:

    Dear Daxaben,
    SitaRam! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am always inspired by your love and devotion for our Guruji. It is a blessing to have any seva opportunities and be able to do seva.
    Jai Gurudev,
    Love & Pranam,

  • satya said:

    Out of all the amazing and powerful practices and teachings from Ma and Guruji, the one that i am most aware of it’s benefits is Guru seva. When i am “doing” Guru seva, my mind and heart cares for nothing else, i want nothing else and don’t want to be anywhere else. Even when something has gone badly or i can’t imagine how i a can fulfill a task given to me, eventually all is well and something very important has been shown to me that i need to work on. I always pray for the opportunity for seva and really all seva is Guru seva.

    Sita Ram,

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