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Letter From Shri Anandi Ma and Bapuji

29 April 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

Dear Ones,

For years, Ma and I have written a cover letter for the newsletter. With the transition over the past few months and changes for the better, we encountered a gap in the process. Although oftentimes because of the workload it was challenging in terms of time to even write a letter, Melissa was persistent and reminded us of deadlines to get one to her.

We are very excited and are looking forward to this new means of communication. Guruji was always very open to spread the ancient time-tested teachings with current times and situations. So we hope this beginning of Shakti Online will open new doors not only of external touch but the doors of the heart and mind as well.

The most important thing to always remember in the forests of many words, thoughts, and ideas is DAILY PRACTICE. Don’t miss the meditation and the repetition of the guru mantra. Everything else is insignificant to this core, essential aspect, the very essence of Guruji’s path.

May God and Guru connect you more deeply to the subtle truth and manifest it in your hearts and life very very soon.

Love and blessings,
Ma and Bapuji



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