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A Message Rediscovered

5 October 2010 6 Comments Print article Print article

Guruji did so much in the four years that he was here in the US. Sadly so much is already forgotten. Recently a disciple in India finally gave the tape of Guruji’s recorded message that he had sent to disciples in there in 1979 on the occasion of his birthday. We probably recorded it ourselves but had no memory of the richness and depth both of his voice and message. We are so happy to share His message and are sure His words will enter your hearts, purify your minds and bring God in front of you.

Sita Ram,

Ma and Bapuji

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today you all have gathered to celebrate my birthday and it brings me great joy. Although I have sent blessings through a letter, I send blessings through this recorded tape because many loving disciples have requested to hear my words.

Today on this pure day I give blessings from deep within my heart that you remain in intense joy, that your spiritual energy increase and expand day-by-day, and that you attain the ultimate goal of life. After coming into this world it is easy to become totally engrossed in worldly activities, but the scriptures say something must also be done for the welfare of the soul.

Shreya and Preya are the two types of karmic activities in this world. Preya refers to the mundane achievement of worldly pleasures and indulgence in things acquired. Shreya, on the other hand, pertains to doing something for the immortal soul, something that is going to remain forever, because ultimately every person has to leave this samsara.

The chanting of God’s name, worship, meditation, service to community, nurturing the poor or needy, welcoming guests, protecting the cows, building temples and hostels for pilgrims, all such peaceful acts which bring joy to oneself and others make it possible to come closer to God. These are shreya karmas and remain bound to the soul forever.

No matter what things are attained in the world, in the end, you have to leave all of it behind.

Saint Tulsidasji says:

God has given such a rare, unique, and very difficult to attain human body. Oh, fool, chant the name of the Lord (practices), do positive karma. Otherwise the time will be over and all you will have to do is be sorry for yourself.  Take  advantage of this priceless body. All things of creation are subject to destruction.

The maya of this world that attracts and keeps us bound in our relationships to friends and family is linked to selfishness. The world is all about selfishness. A time will come when you will have to leave behind all this and go ahead.  Such a time is unstoppable. No one has been able to stop it even till today, and no one will be able to stop it in the future. This is definite and everyone knows it. However near and dear the son, wife, mother, etc. may be, they will remain here and you will have to go on alone. When you know this is bound to happen, why don’t you reduce your attachment starting now and why don’t you attach your mind to God? Time will go by and you will have to repent.

Ravana, who had twenty hands and ten heads and the strength of ten humans, and Sahastrabahu, who had the strength of a thousand hands lived with the notion of “this world is mine.” With this attitude, they killed and hurt thousands of people. While alive they may have possessed and enjoyed the world, but upon death everything stayed behind and they left empty-handed.  All that we see externally is ultimately subject to destruction. The only things everlasting are devotion to God, His worship, meditation, and dedication to the spiritual path.  Why are you not focusing on those things that are permanent?

Remain in the realm of effort, face difficulties, go again and again, and be tolerant. A time will surely come when the Lord will hear your inner call. He will come to you and will give you whatever you desire. Your wish will be fulfilled. All goals require time, enthusiasm, and attachment to effort.

Many are writing letters and asking me to return to India quickly. Today, three years have passed here in America and the fourth has started. You may be aware of the work I am doing here. I am dealing with the subject of Kundalini Maha Yoga and delving into questions such as What is Kundalini Shakti? What can be done with it and how?  Such riddles need to be solved. I used to do the same in India.

In the beginning when I started this work, a few persons came to see me out of curiosity. Still, others made fun and said that some saint has come who can control ghosts, getting people in groups and then releasing the ghosts causing people to have kriyas. Such talk circulated and the gossip came to me. I said, that’s fine, let people believe whatever they want to believe about ghosts or anything else but one thing is sure—I am not emptying people’s pockets, not cheating anyone, nor living through falsehood, and am not leading anyone in the wrong way. They at least acknowledge that something is happening. As time passed and people began to take advantage of the path and my teachings, they started to understand and their perspective changed. But even today a few learned persons fail to understand the truth and do not understand the true facts.

I am trying to prove the facts on a scientific basis. What is mantra? What is Kundalini? What are chakras? What are the functions of the bijas (seed letters) and what can they do? All these are essential and secret aspects. One needs to enter deep into them to attain the understanding of the chakras in the body, the devatas residing in them, their colors, shapes, and so forth. These details are given in the scriptures. But don’t think these descriptions lack proof or validity. If through the guidance of a guru the mantras are done for a long time in the proper way, many benefits like healing can be experienced and mental peace attained. These mantras are not meant just for healing though. Healing is a fringe benefit while the true goal is God-realization. As an example, if you want to construct a road and on the site there is a tree or a huge boulder or a deep ditch then these need to be removed and leveled before the road can be laid. The goal is to build the road, not to chop the tree or remove the boulder, yet because they are obstructions they need to be dealt with. Only then can the road be built. Similarly, to attain the Ultimate Being, one must start by delving into his own true nature. First one attains self-realization and then God-realization. Using the mantras, chanting, or listening to spiritual talks on a regular basis help remove blocks on the path of meditation, and on the path of attaining God.  Obstacles such as impurities and illnesses within the body create difficulties making the path to liberation arduous and should first be removed. The Kundalini energy needs to be awakened and the mantras and previously mentioned methods used, then the blocks in the individual are removed and ultimately one reaches the goal of self-realization and finally, God-realization. This is a straightforward path but people still don’t understand because this path was strictly from Guru to disciple and is still that way. Many do not believe, but it does produce results.

There are many experiments going on here in America and in other parts of the world and it is my effort to demonstrate this Kundalini energy and prove its truth. When science progresses and proves all this then we will believe the science. The experts here say that the technology to see the Kundalini or measure its activity does not yet exist, but they are trying to move ahead and I feel that a time will surely come when the subtle energies will be demonstrated through instruments and the world will accept this as the truth. A time will come when science will be able to demonstrate the chakras, etc. Currently the plexuses are described and known in medical science, but are these chakras or are the chakras different? All this needs to be clarified and there is an effort going on to examine these ideas. A time will come that the description given in the scriptures will be proved as true and valid.

Sound energy, through the word, ears, heart, blood vessels, as well as the nadis goes all over the body and produces various effects including healing. Through little effort a huge benefit can be attained. Who would not like that?  But as people do not know, they are unable to take the full benefit.

If things are properly understood and known, then one can do all works, spiritual, material, and mental. Some people write that until I return they will fast and others write in similar ways. Basically all of you are expressing your love and I appreciate that but I cannot leave the work I am doing here halfway and return to India because all my efforts will be washed away.

There is no doubt that this science will bring both worldly and spiritual benefits to people in all corners of the world. It is a path not only to reach God but to develop oneself at a personal level and to impact the overall betterment of the community. This is the beauty of Kundalini energy.

Individually, to go to the jungle and meditate and be lost in deep states to attain God- realization is good and correct, but in conjunction with that if others can get the benefit of the presence of such great beings then that is more appropriate. That time is now ripe. One expert said that it would take twenty years to invent tools to measure subtle energies. I am saying let it take fifty years. That should not matter. If science just remains focused on it with effort, then success is bound to come without question.

In order to prove anything, it takes time. But it is not the question of time but of the truth.

One saint has said:Three types of persons exist: superior, mediocre, and inferior.

The inferior persons cannot begin any work. They have constant fear. They are plagued by doubts—“If I do this, what if this happens?” or “If I do that what if something else happens?”  “If there is an obstacle . . . , if someone says something . . . , if I lose all my money . . . ,” and so on. They are lost in thoughts and no action.

The mediocre persons begin some work but if there is a small obstacle, they will be afraid and stop.  “I have spent all my money, to whom can I go for help?” “What will others say or feel?”  “Will I be criticized?”  They seldom finish what they begin.

The superior persons will continue and finish the work they take on in spite of  blocks and obstacles of any magnitude even if there are hundreds of them. They will hang on to the effort and achievement of the goal. Do or die is their motto. They are always successful.

Today man is going to the moon and Mars, once thought to be impossible tasks. Most likely whatever you do, it won’t be met with success instantaneously. Hard work with patience is the key to achieving any goal.

Lord Buddha’s example is noteworthy. He did a lot of practices, heard a lot, read a lot but had not attained the experience he yearned for. Finally he decided and sat with the resolve that, “My body won’t get up from this asan even if the flesh, bones, and skin are destroyed, even if I die. Until self-realization is attained, I won’t budge from my place.”

For forty-eight days he sat and on the forty-ninth he attained realization and became Buddha. If he had gotten up and left he would never have become the Buddha.

So for all that you do, stick to it, hang on. A time will come where success will be met.

Remain in the realm of effort, face difficulties, go again and again, and be tolerant. A time will surely come when the Lord will hear your inner call. He will come to you and will give you whatever you desire. Your wish will be fulfilled. All goals require time, enthusiasm, and attachment to effort.

As Patanjali says, if actions towards a specific goal are done for a long time, regularly and with dedication then nothing is impossible. Therefore, for all works, hang on, hang on, hang on! Never be afraid, never be afraid, never be afraid! Don’t worry about time. Be focused on your work. A moment will come when the Lord will look at you and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Now I am giving my blessings to you. May you be able to do all works with love and dedication. Remain focused and attached to the effort and have no fear, doubt, or worry. A moment will come when God will come to you, guide you, and take you on the path towards Him.

God Himself says: Whoever surrenders to me, whoever  is devoted to me, I will protect him and be his savior. Lord Krishna says that the Divine Maya that is mixed with sattwa, rajas, and tamas is very hard to transcend, but whoever is surrendered to me is easily joined with me. Things become easy for him and he reaches me spontaneously. Hence he said to Arjuna: “Even as you fight the battle remain focused on me, think of me, meditate on me and you will be successful. Problems will resolve themselves and you will reach me.” Similarly if you remain absolutely focused in your sadhana, then all your obstacles will be gone and success will be yours.

I am sending blessings again and again and am instructing that whatever practices you are doing, don’t be lazy. Keep on with consistent effort and success will be yours. God will listen.

May God keep you always happy and may you attain your welfare.

This is Dileepji’s translation of Guruji’s message, which was read to participants at the Maha Samadhi Retreat in September of this year.



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  • Suryakant Small said:

    Ma and Bapuji, thank you for sharing the message that Guruji sent to His disciples in India in 1979. Again and again, Guruji assures us all that the Lord will surely hear us and come to us and fulfill all of our wishes. May all of our wishes always be for God-realization!

    Gurudeva, Dhyanyogi, Maharaja, Guruji!
    Gurudeva, Dhyanyogi, Maharaja, Guruji!
    Jaya Sada Gurudeva, Jaya! Jaya!
    Jaya Sada Gurudeva, Jaya! Jaya!
    Jaya Sada Gurudeva, Jaya! Jaya!

    Sita Ram,


  • Tamara Amba said:

    Thank you for this Guruji message….it is truly up-to-date….I like new Shakti and also fb page,,,happy for this connection

  • Sarita Hofvendahl said:

    I am (as always)touched by the love he expresses for his disciples and my faith strengthened by his words, to trust the practices.

  • rafael 'jayram' monfort said:

    attach to God… Oh Guruji when will I see You in my dreams again…

  • Gopal Wood said:

    Jai Gurudev,
    Your words fill my soul and you smile lifts me toward heaven. It has been thirty five short years since my Shaktipat, every moment since then I feel your love and guidance with every breath.
    Thank you.

  • Thakur said:

    How Beautiful, and How Fortunate We All Are! Jai Gurudev!

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