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Holiday Gift Program

5 December 2010 One Comment Print article Print article

Sita Ram!

Recently a few disciples presented a holiday giving idea that is a great way for disciples to participate in the DYC matching grant program before the end of the year. This is a great way for disciples to purchase a gift and give one to DYC at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

You may offer fellow disciples a service or product:

  • Disciples, using this web page, may offer a service or product to other disciples for a monetary donation to DYC. The entire fee to be a donation to DYC.
  • From now until December 10, if you have something you are interested in offering, please contact us via the comment section below and Sue Rama will contact you with her email address.Then via email, you may submit a description (with a picture in JPEG format, if desired) of your product or service, and the fees you would like to charge. Try to get yours in as early as possible, in time for holiday giving.
  • Once approved, submissions will be published in Shakti Online .
  • You are responsible for collecting the check for Dhyanyoga Centers and whatever shipping charges you require. You must agree to send the checks you receive for Dhyanyoga Centers to Antioch within 4 days of receipt.

If you are interested in a service or product offered:

Use the comment section below to indicate your interest in a particular service or product that you see listed. Enter your email address in the field as requested, not in the comment itself (that way it is not published online).

Sue Rama will send you the email address of the person offering the product or service and you can contact them and deal with them directly. You will be sending your DYC contribution directly to the person providing the service. To make this as simple as possible for bookkeeping, we are asking that contributions be made by check or money order. Please write a check or get a money order made out to Dhyanyoga Centers for the amount for the product or service. A separate check for any applicable shipping charges  should be made out to the legal name of the person offering the product or service and not to Dhyanyoga Centers.That person is responsible for sending on the contribution to DYC. NOTE: as long as your letter and check are mailed to the service provider on or before December 23, it will be doubled by the matching grant.

Happy holidays to all!


1. Watercolor Portraits

a 7×10" watercolor , head and shoulders: $150

Award-winning fine artist and children’s book illustrator Sue Rama is offering fine art portraits done from your e-mailed photo. Here are some examples of some portraits she has done.

Sue works in many different media and styles and will do a portrait for a negotiated fee, some for as low as $75.  See her extensive portrait gallery here.

Watercolor portrait: For a watercolor portrait of head and shoulders of one subject like the ones above, 7 x 10″, Sue is requesting a contribution of $151 plus shipping. A contribution of $75 to be given upon initial agreement, the remainder to be given when a jpg of the painted image is sent via email is approved, once received , the portrait will be shipped.

A portrait delivery date will be decided at the time of initial negotiation.  To have a chance to get a portrait completed in time for holiday giving, it would be best to contact Sue before the end of November.

a six inch square line and wash portrait: $75


2. Bowen Sessions

Jackie Kane would love to offer Bowen sessions. The price is $75 a session. Usually one hour sessions. Her office is on 9 Norfolk Rd. (Intersection of routes 4 & 272), Torrington, Ct.

“Bowen  is a dynamic yet gentle therapy for treating ailments and injuries. It works on a structural and energetic level addressing every system of the body, which makes it essential for allowing the body to restore itself to a natural balance. Bowen is beneficial for all sports injuries and chronic problems. It helps our bodies feel better so that you can continue doing what you enjoy doing.


3. Individual Yoga Therapy Program

In Golden CO, Devon Beninga is offering:

  • 1 1/2 hour yoga therapy assessment: look at dosha balance, ayurvedic assessment (basic), postural assessment,
  • range of motion assessment, diet, lifestyle, medical history etc.
  • 1 1/2 hour to deliver the protocol, which includes asana, specific pranayam (I will pick from those taught by Ma depending on heating, cooling etc and if person has the teaching already.  If not I may use what I have been given in Yoga Therapy training.
  • Diet and lifestyle suggestions, ayurvedic herbs and oils (basic).
  • Finally one follow up appointment.  If more is needed there will be a charge after that.

$250 donation for the assessment and to go over the protocol and $70 per hour for the follow up, so $320 for the full program .
If it is out of range and someone wants it we can work it out.

Devon Beninga
Registered Yoga Therapist/Instructor
Certified Biofeedback Therapist
Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health/Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor
American Diabetes Assoc. Certified Zumba Instructor


4. QXCI Healing Sessions

Sarita Valentine is offering sessions on my QXCI machine as a fundraiser for Dhyanyoga Centers. QXCI stands for Quantum Xroid Consciousness Interface. This device is basically an elaborate computer program designed for healing. Sessions to be done at a distance.

The QXCI sends frequencies to an individual, measures the responses, and follows-up with corrective frequencies. It works like homeopathy. There are approximately 8000 frequencies programmed into it. In addition, there are various programs within the machine which address just about anything you can think of from a virtual face lift to athlete’s foot.

Between now and Dec. 31st, I am offering two-hour, long-distance sessions on a sliding scale of $25.00 to $100.00 per session and donating all the proceeds to Dhyanyoga Centers. All I require is your name and date of birth. All donations will be doubled by the matching grant program.

Each session will include: Chakra integration, Meridian and Acupuncture Therapy, and frequency therapy to “tune up” the internal organs, nervous system, and endocrine system.

In addition, you may choose one specific focus for your session:

  • Immune Booster: “Zap” viruses, bacterias, funguses, and spirochetes. Includes blood balancing treatment, lymphatic stimulation, and general immune system stimulation.
  • Chiropractic Adjustment: Releases blockages in your spine, relaxes your muscles, and adjusts cranial-sacral plates, reduces stress in hips, nerves, shoulders, and knees.
  • Nutrition and Digestion: Extra focus on the digestive system. Recieve the frequencies of all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and digestive enzymes.
  • Neurolinguistic Programing – Emotional Therapy: Treats your emotional profile. Includes “The feel-good zap”, “Higher purpose alignment,” “Stimulate emotional growth”, “Stimulate creativity”, “Stimulate intelligence”, and “Lucid dreaming”.
  • Weight Loss and Face Lift: Tightens your skin, breaks up celulite, boosts your metabolism. Includes DNA repair and anti-aging programs, addiction therapy, and disrupts the hypothalmus-gallbladder connection to stop emotional over-eating.
  • A Good Night’s Sleep: The muscle and spinal relaxation programs plus the frequencies of various relaxing herbs and sedatives, “Stimulate lucid dreaming”, and sleep and relaxation treatment. Schedule for the evening.


5. Private Cooking Class

Kajal, in the Antioch area,  is offering Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free Cooking Classes for the Sattvic Gourmet!

A perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself!

This private cooking class will be completely tailored around Sattvic (non garlic or onion) foods you would like to learn….breakfast foods, 30-minute or less meals, gluten free dishes, vegan baking, etc….it’s up to you! In addition to learning some great cooking, you will also learn to create a wholesome menu, a thorough shopping list and pick up cooking tips that will help you with all meals.

This class will be broken into two sessions:

1. Phone or In Person Consultation: We will discuss the area of cooking you would like to concentrate on, plan the menu you would like to learn and then create a complete shopping list.

2. In Person Cooking: We will spend an entire afternoon preparing dishes from the delightful menu of your choice!

This two session class will cost $151 + cooking materials

Classes will be booked for January- March 2011.


6. Coral and Silver Om Necklaces

Bhadra Sounova is offering silver pendants with an OM symbol on a pink coral bead necklace with silver decoration. (The fastener is not made of silver.)

The necklace is 50 cm (19.5 inches) long. The pendant is 14 mm (about half an inch) in diameter.

A donation of 15 euros or 20 dollars plus shipping costs is requested.


7. Copper Plates for Yantra Drawing

Annelis Vrbova has handcrafted several lovely copper square plates especially for yantra drawing.  She is offering 2 plates 8×8″ for a donation of $30.00 USD and 3 plates at 6×6″. She has offered to bring them to India, if someone would like or she can ship them from Europe for an additional shipping fee.



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