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Happy Birthday, Shri Anandi Ma!

18 September 2012 22 Comments Print article Print article


Shri Anandi Ma’s birthday is October 11. This is a very special day to do extra spiritual practice, particularly honoring the Guru, in groups if possible.

Please feel free to offer your birthday wishes using the comments area at the very bottom of the page!


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  • trupti said:

    Happy Birthday Ma and many many more. Love you!

  • Jamuna Judy Murphy said:

    Happy Birthday, Ma!! You fill my everyday with your Love and Grace. Thank You!! Easy on the birthday cake!! My Love, Jamuna Judy.

  • Betsy Halcomb said:

    Happy Birthday Ma!!! I am so grateful to have been reconnected with you and dear Guruji. You are truly a Blessing!

  • Sagar Ghanwat said:

    Shri Sadguru Dhyani Parmatmane nama:

    Param Pujya Gurudevta Shree Aanadi Ma ki Jay…

    Pujya Bapuji ki Jay…

    Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Ma…

    Happy Birhtday…

  • Jeanne Janson said:

    Happy Joyous Birthday to Ma, with deep gratitude for all the blessings pouring through you into your flock, and rippling through all your blessed ones to their loved ones and all sentient beings and Mother Earth!
    With love, Jeanne

  • Pavitra said:

    Happy Birthday Ma! Thank you for blessing my life. I am so grateful. Pavitra, Deborah

  • Bal Khandelwal said:

    Happy Birth Day, Ma, and many many many more returns of this Day, so we can always enjoy your love, blessings and guidance in achieving our spiritual goal.
    With kindest regards to you and Bapuji
    Bal Khandelwal

  • Elaheh Farhang said:


  • rafael 'jayram" monfort said:

    In behalf of your disciples here in the Philippines,I bow to the lotus feet of my beloved Guru especially now on your Birthday.
    Oh Ma, I can only wish I’m there on your birthday… Happy Birthday.
    Jai Sitaram…

  • Maheshwari said:

    Happy Birthday, Ma! I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Many thanks for your endless blessings and grace.

    SitaRam & Dandak Pranams,

  • Leela said:

    Happy Birthday to you Ma. On your birthday, you are the one giving everything to us! I am so grateful for you and love you. Pranams, Leela

  • Prema Moore said:

    Sadaguru Deva Ki Jai! Happy Birthday, Ma!

  • Jayshree said:

    Happy Birthday to You, Ma! With love and deepest gratitude.
    Pranams, Jayshree

  • David Gibson said:

    Happy Birthday Anandi Ma!!! Wishing you the best on your special day!!!

  • Hannah said:

    Happy Birthday with all Love.

  • TulsidasTorrey said:

    Happy Birthday Anandi Ma. My deepest gratitude for having you in my life all these years, and for all that you and Bapuji have done to bring Guruji’s teachings and blessing to us here in America. Sadguru Deva Ki Jai!

  • Quentin said:

    Happy Birthday, Ma, with love and thanks from Chintan and Quentin.

  • sue rama said:

    Happy Birthday Mataji,
    With so much gratitude, forever.
    SIta Ram
    Sue Rama

  • Kristine Quine said:

    Happy Birthday, Ma. To you, I say yes, yes, yes. Love, Kris

  • Roger said:

    Happy Birthday Ma!

  • Shradhdha said:

    Happy Birthday Ma!!! SitaRam!
    Lots of love and gratitude always,
    Jai Gurudev!

  • Robert said:

    Happy Birthday to that special Guru! May you be always in divine Bliss, and help many aspirants to achieve it!

    Robert, Oct. 23/2012

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