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Guru Purnima Experiences: CT 2009

24 June 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

This year Ma and Bapuji will be sending special blessings from Mt. Kailash to attendees of the Guru Purnima Day Celebrations in California and Connecticut on July 25.  Details about the upcoming celebrations follow the experiences below.

“Guru Purnima is a time for the student and devotee to express love for the teacher, the one who can give the ultimate gift of realization and freedom. The Guru is all – father, mother, friend, brother, sister, etc. Above all, God and Guru are one and if one can train oneself to go beyond the physical aspects of the Guru, this truth will be revealed. Remember, the Guru is within you. Having faith, love and devotion, you will experience this as a reality in a constant way.”
Sri Anandi Ma

I was on my 1½ hour drive to the Guru Purnima retreat and for the first time in my experience, I found that I did not want to go. I had seedlings at home that needed to be planted, curtains to hang, a family picnic to attend, and I felt all these things pulling me away from the retreat. I didn’t like this feeling and it bothered me that I would feel this way. I love my seva; I feel that it’s the only thing I have that I can give to Ma and Bapuji and I longed for the feeling I usually have before a retreat where I can’t wait to see them, can’t wait to come and do my seva. So as I drove, I asked Guruji to bring me to that place again, to that feeling where I can’t wait to see them. All I did was ask and within minutes I felt that I was no longer driving but instead gliding so fast along the incredible, overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t wait to be there. I just laughed all the rest of the way to the retreat!  I realized that sometimes we make things so difficult, when all we have to do is ask from our heart. I had chills when I realized that I just asked and there it was.

Thank you, Guruji!

Toni (Trupti)

At the Guru Purnima Day Celebration in Connecticut, during the bija mantrochar meditation my legs started to feel very sore from so much cross-legged sitting. I was in meditation but the pain in my legs was pulling at my attention. An emotional kriya came over me and I heard my mind praying for the pain in my legs to take away some of the pain Dhyanyogi must have felt during the early years of his sadhana. My mind was asking Ram to let me take on some of the pain He must have suffered, to relieve His suffering across the dimensions of space and time. What happened next is difficult to put into words. A wave of love washed through me and poured out of my eyes in the form of tears. Wave after wave of love and gratitude poured through me as I cried. The pain in my legs was still there, but it was no longer a source of suffering. In that moment, Guruji taught me a pure and simple lesson about the true meaning of giving.

Sadaguru Deva ki jai!

Suryakant Small

Ma is the rudder that has steered my life. She is its one constant.

Lydia “Sati” Towery

On the day of the fire ceremony, the weather was mostly cloudy, with rain possible at any moment. But at the very instant Ma and Bapuji intoned the third OM to begin the ceremony, the sun burst through, causing us all to laugh and smile with joy.

A disciple

All day Hanumanji was very strong around me. His devotion and strength are precious to me. During the fire ceremony, the wind came. Bipra, father of Hanumanji, was in the wind and as we chanted the Hanuman Chalisa, he came very strongly. I felt my mouth changing to a “monkey-like” face with lips covering teeth and I felt Hanuman’s presence. Guruji kept telling me all would be okay, I should relax.

Sita Ram!

This was my first retreat with DYC. I was immediately struck by how many people there “felt” familiar to me, despite my never having met anyone on the East coast. The weekend opened my heart in many ways.

I sat quietly before the Guru puja began, gazing at a portrait of Lord Ram at the front of the room. Roses sat in a vase on the floor below the portrait and the sunlight through the window lit one rose in particular, throwing its reflection onto the glass covering the portrait. The effect was astonishing. Ram’s heart was a huge, blooming, transparent red rose pulling me through the two dimensions of the portrait into the depths of His being. Gazing at Ram’s heart, I felt my own heart open like a rose to the glory of the puja.

Shri Ramachandra Bhagavana Ki Jai!

I am sixty-four years old, a twelve-year disciple who has never participated in a multiple day DYC event before.

Now that I have finished shedding tears because it is over, I have to sum up by saying that I feel awe and gratitude. I am in awe of how everyone involved worked together to make the retreat run smoothly, to make the space beautiful, to make each person feel that their individual needs were important, to make all the pieces come together into a cohesive whole.

I am filled with gratitude to Ma and Bapuji for coming and for giving their all to make the retreat meaningful for everyone. It means everything that they are willing and able to be so available to us. I am so grateful that I went!

Many thanks,


Guru Purnima Celebrations 2010

Sunday, July 25 2010
Antioch, CA and Woodbury, CT

Fee: By Donation
Prerequisite: Shaktipat initiation from Guruji or Shri Anandi Ma.

Registration Info:

Antioch, CA Registration
Please contact Sumati Campus at or (415) 383-3215. (Please call before 7pm PST)

Woodbury, CT Registration
Please contact Jackie Kane at or (860) 307-0232



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