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Experiences on the Path

30 July 2012 No Comments Print article Print article

Reflections on Guru Purnima

The following experiences were sent in by disciples who attended the Guru Purnima Retreat in CT. Shri Anandi Ma encourages her students to share experiences with each other. She has asked that at least once a year we contribute something to Shakti Online. It need not be big, or flashy. It may be long, or as short as a sentence, whatever the inspiration to share requires.

You can write or copy and paste your experience in the field below. If you would like to send a recording or something by mail, let us know below and we’ll get back to you and tell you how to do that. Or, we might be able to arrange a phone interview if you prefer, just let us know.


Respond from the Heart

Someone asked me how I experienced Guru Purnima weekend and I answered from my head.

Now I would like to answer from my heart:

I experienced the weekend as one day.

In the pre-dawn sky,
The morning star of Ma’s love and light
Gently awakened me.

As the sun of her brightly shining grace rose in the sky,
I was given the love and guidance
That enabled me to become rooted in correct practice.

In the late afternoon of her grace,
I bloomed and turned to her,
Thirsting for knowledge.

In awe of her grace,
I experienced the deep beauty
Of her early evening sunset.

As the moon of her light rose in the night sky,
Her light guided me through the darkness
Enabling me to find her again on another day.

A Grateful Disciple




A week or so after the Guru Purnima weekend retreat, I chose to hike a class 1/2 trail in New Hampshire, thinking it would be challenging but manageable. Two hours into the hike I found myself alone, and facing a mile-long stretch of stone stairs. Halfway up these stones, trying to push myself and on the brink of tears, frustrated with my out of shape body, I didn’t think I could do it.

Then all of a sudden I heard chanting.  And it was all of us chanting “Sada Guru Charanum…Shri Guru Charanum.” I looked around puzzled, and elated. What was going on?! At Guru Purnima I had taken a short video of this chant on my phone, and it somehow started playing from my pocket right at that moment and I was filled with the power and the warmth of Guruji and Shri Anandi Ma’s grace. I finished the hike.  One mountain conquered…many more to go.

This is our path, and one of the many ways it has given me strength. I feel blessed to have been able to chant with you this recent retreat at the feet of our Guru.

Much love,




NOTE: Please be aware that all experiences sent to Shakti Online are read by the staff, and edits are commonly proposed. We always respect the validity of the entire experience, but for publication editing is helpful. We will contact you for final approval.

If you have sent us an experience in the past and would like to resubmit it, we would welcome that. We are committed to giving each experience our attention.

Shakti Online Editorial Staff


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