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Five New DVD’s

November 25, 2011 | Click here to print.


In our new ongoing feature, MARKETPLACE, we will be exploring the DYC stores online and in Antioch as well as other ways we can support the spiritual and humanitarian efforts of Shri Anandi Ma.

Dhyanyoga Center’s On-line Store as well as the store at the Antioch Center are growing by leaps and bounds. Lots of new items have just been uploaded to the DYC website at www.dyc.org [1] with many more to come. In our new Marketplace section at Shakti Online we will feature DYC store items and links for ordering them. Purchasing from DYC is a great way to support the work of Dhyanyoga Centers, ourselves, and others, all at once.

The Gift Shop at the Antioch Center

The Gift Shop at the Antioch Center is now filled to the brim with fantastic new goodies including many new books and dvd’s, gifts from East, scarfs and shawls, Ayurvedic teas, herbs and oils, decorations for your meditation room, items for the altar, asans and much, much more.

The Gift Shop hours:
Monday through Thursday, 9:30am-6:30pm
Friday 9:30am-5pm (except for Thanksgiving Day and Friday, Nov. 25, when the Center will be closed for the holiday).
Sundays Noon-1pm (after the meditation program).

The Marketplace Online [2]

Many of the new items are now available at the online bookstore [2], and there will be more available in the coming days and weeks. So as you think of gift-giving remember beautiful, spiritual gifts are available here [2]. Whether your gift be a spiritual book or an embroidered Indian shawl, you will be supporting others in a very significant way by supporting the work of Shri Anandi Ma.

A Treasure Trove of Profound Yogic Teachings in Five New DVD’s

In the slideshow below we invite you to learn about five excellent DVD’s created in the past year by Shri Anandi Ma and Bapuji. They are recorded workshops, each of which offer profound teachings and practices from this ancient tradition. This series of workshops impart knowledge about the deeper meanings of The Foundations of Meditation, Pranayama (breath control), Tratak (concentration techniques), Mudra (hand positioning), and Lakshmi practices (for all levels of abundance).  The energy of Shri Anandi Ma emanates from her presence on these DVD’s. The teachings are illuminating and the clear instructions make it easy to perform the practices. Each of these practices offer significant spiritual, material and health benefits for the practitioner. You may find yourself watching them again and again, learning a little bit more with each viewing, with each precious moment of satsang.


  • Please allow time for slide loading and transitions.
  • Hovering with your cursor over any slide will pause the slideshow. 
  • Pull your cursor off of the slide to resume the slideshow.
  • Click on any individual DVD slide to purchase that item at the online bookstore.


You may find many more wonderful items at the DYC stores.

Online you will find:

  • Books and E-Books
  • CD’s
  • Downloadable Audio
  • DVD’s
  • Meditation tools
  • Altar and Puja Items
  • Clothing & Bags
  • Jewelry
  • and more being added weekly. 

The Antioch gift store has more still. It is like a festival filled with treasures and love! We’ll be showing you around there in future weeks. So please stay tuned for future Marketplace articles.

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