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DYC Antioch Events, May-June 2010

22 April 2010 No Comments Print article Print article

There is always something happening at Dhyanyoga Centers, Antioch!

For more information please go to the new DYC Antioch website.


May 1 Mother’s Day Yoga & Tea Party

May 2 Sunday Evening Talk & Meditation

May 9 MOTHER’S DAY—free yoga class for all mothers!

May 14 Kirtan Night

May 15 Hike + Picnic

May 31 MEMORIAL DAY—No Yoga Classes


June 4 Kirtan Night

June 5 Rites at Dying Workshop

June 6 No Yoga Classes; Outdoor Play + Picnic + Hike

June 10 No Yoga Classes

June 11 No Yoga Classes

June 13 No Yoga Classes

June 19 Salute the Sun: Part 2

June 20 FATHER’S DAY—free yoga class for all fathers! Sunday Evening Talk & Meditation


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