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Disciples’ Experiences: Hanuman Jayanti

May 7, 2013 | Click here to print.

HanumanjiTo celebrate Hanuman Jayanti last month, Shri Anandi Ma led the chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas at the DYC Center at Antioch, CA. A large group of devotees joined the onsite event but there were also many others joining via webcast. The following experiences from people living in the Boston area give a true sense of how powerful the webcasts can be.

Thanks for the wonderful chanting and music that streamed its way to Northampton, MA yesterday. I feel truly blessed!!!

The energy was wonderful, I feel like I got a much-needed boost after a very difficult week due to the tragedies in Boston. Boston/Cambridge really became my hometown when I moved there in 1974, and I have stood in those marathon-watching spots for many years with relatives and also my kids.

Our adult child Elena (Sheetal) was walking with friends to the Marathon when she heard the blasts. She called us immediately of course and was very upset. My sister Patty was standing right in front of Marathon Sports (the scene of the first blast) two hours before the initial blast. After seeing the elite runners cross the finish line, she went home and thereby escaped death/wounds.

We’re so lucky our loved ones are safe. Many in this area are praying for healing on all levels for all humankind.

Please give regards to Ma and Bapuji and sincere thanks for their message of concern mentioning Boston, and for all of everyone’s seva and the Chalisas!!!

Sita Ram



I was compelled to drive to Woodbury, CT for the webcast and I can’t express enough how healing and supportive it felt in every way and, most especially, in dealing with the trauma of this past week locally in Boston.

For the first time, I actually feel Hanuman’s presence and a deep fearlessness and love with me. Please pass these sentiments along to Ma and Bapuji.

Sita Ram,




I too, am living in Massachusetts now, and was so grateful to be able to chant with the webcast at home. Last night, after the chanting, when I meditated, I found meditation was somewhat difficult. There was a dark, heavy presence that I felt was linked to the Boston bombing.

But this morning when I awoke I clearly experienced a small bright light that seemed to be new (or newly revealed) in the core of my being. It was a subtle but powerful optimism.

This helped me to realize that every opportunity to make effort during these exceptional times of high energy yields a boon, and that these boons, subtle as they are, just keep accruing.

I am so grateful for these teachings, the webcasts, and all the opportunities to progress that we have been given.

Sita Ram.

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