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Delight in Rama

27 March 2011 No Comments Print article Print article

The following is from a talk by Shri Anandi Ma.

I bow to Rama, the world pleaser, giver of all fulfillments, remover of misfortune.

“Rama, Rama, Rama.” Delight in Rama is delight to the mind.”

from the Rama Raksa Stotram

The significance of “Rama” is infinite as described in the scriptures. The following is from a talk given by Shri Anandi Ma where she cites scriptures that help us understand the power of the Ram mantra.

In the Rama-rahasyo-panishad Lord Rama Himself says,

“The fire of creation exists in the seed of my name. Just as within a small seed there exists a huge tree, similarly the visible created universe lies within the seed of my name.”

In the word Rama, Ra means that, or Tat, and Ma means Tvam, or you are. The union of these two makes Asi, which means is. Therefore, Rama also denotes Tatvamasi or the soul is the Lord. This is the great word or mantra used by the jnanis, or yogis.

In the Ramo-tara-panishad it is written that:

Lord Shiva performed japa, fire ceremonies, and other rituals for thousands of eons using Rama as His chief deity of devotion. Pleased with this, Lord Rama asked Lord Shiva, “Oh! Lord, please ask for anything you like and I will definitely give it to you.”

Lord Shiva told the ever-bliss-giving form of Lord Rama, “All I request is the boon that whosoever leaves one’s body at Varanasi (Benares) at the banks of the Ganges

should attain liberation.”

Lord Rama replied, “Oh, great being, not only humans but even small insects and worms will be liberated at any place close to Benares. This is my promise which shall never fail.

“Oh, Shiva! Any person who repeats my name with love at your place (Benares) will be freed from all sins, do not worry.

“If anyone receives my six-lettered mantra (the Guru mantra) from you or Brahma, he will become perfected with the mantra while still in the body and after death will attain me. Also, if you initiate anyone by repeating this mantra in the right ear, he will be liberated without doubt.”

In the Mukti-bo-panishad Lord Rama states,

“Oh, Hanuman! Even if a very negative person repeats my name, he will attain the Salokya liberation, attaining my world and residing with me. When a body is leaving its prana at Benares, Lord Shiva gives the Tarak-Brahma, the force that carries one across the ocean, the savior. That is the Rama mantra, and the person becomes immortal and liberated. At the time of death when Lord Shiva repeats my mantra in the right ear, then such a person is cleansed from all karma and he attains my form.”

The Rama mantra is the tarak mantra, the one that saves, that helps you swim across. Therefore, the wise and intelligent should repeat the mantra with mind, body, and soul.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail


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