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[Oct 12, 2012]

“. . . When we do not forgive, we plant the seed of samskara and tie karma to the other person. But when we forgive, the whole action is dissolved and there is no further interaction binding the souls together.”

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[Aug 4, 2012]

“. . . . You should lead such a life that you don’t hurt any person in thought, word, or deed.  That’s the very essence of any dharma; that is what all religions teach.

But we find ourselves unable to live up to that standard.  We are out in the world, and a situation arises—and there goes all our dharma.  Someone does something, or says something, that aggravates us, so we lose our cool and we become angry and say things we shouldn’t say, do things we shouldn’t do.  The whole trick of each and every moment is to be able to live up to that standard of not hurting anyone in thought, word or deed.”

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[May 24, 2012]

May 31 Ekadashi Fasting* is beneficial/recommended Jun 2-10 Sponsored Anusthan of the Ram Mantra Jun 3/4 Full Moon Begins on 6/3 at 7:48 a.m. PDT; ends on 6/4 at 4:11 a.m. PDT Jun 4 Partial Lunar Eclipse This eclipse will be visible either partially or completely from North America, the Pacific, portions of Asia, and
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[May 10, 2012]

We invite you to send

Shri Anandi Ma your

own personal wishes

for Mother’s Day,

if you would like.

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[Dec 10, 2011]

Happy holidays 

to all!


Here is a message that

Dhyanyogiji sent

to disciples in 1982.

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[Nov 7, 2011]


Disciples are invited to leave birthday wishes in the comments area during the month of November.

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[Oct 10, 2011]

A participatory birthday card from Shri Anandi Ma’s loving disciples.  Shri Anandi Ma’s birthday is October 11. This is one of the most significant days of the year to do group practices.

You are invited to leave your wishes in the comments section throughout the month of October.

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[Oct 8, 2011]

Question: Is it possible that a soul will regress to a lower form of life when it reincarnates? Shri Anandi Ma: By and large, once the soul has achieved the human body it reincarnates over and over again at that level until the state of God-realization is achieved, when it is free from the cycle
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[Mar 20, 2011]

On the occasion of the holy day of Holi, when our Sadguru Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas attained realization, Shri Anandi Ma sends her blessings.

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[Dec 5, 2010]

A Message


The Board

of Directors