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[Jun 8, 2012]

Tonight, before meditation, I prayed for my third eye to be opened. During the meditation I received two insights in a series of visions.  They were so subtle that they took some effort to retrieve. >>>

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[May 8, 2012]

Devotee: Would you talk about the relationship of seva to bhakti? Shri Anandi Ma: Seva and bhakti are interrelated. Who do you do seva for?  That’s where it starts; if you have some level of love or devotion for someone, then you will be motivated to do seva for that person. At the same time,
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[May 1, 2012]

Shri Anandi Ma encourages her students to share experiences with each other. She has asked that at least once a year we contribute something to Shakti Online. It need not be big, or flashy. It may be long, or as short as a sentence, whatever the inspiration to share requires. Be aware that all experiences
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[Apr 9, 2012]

My first experience with kundalini was when I was sixteen years old; I was experimenting with different techniques and all of a sudden, I felt a liquid fire in the perineum.  I saw a column of energy ascending and opening the chakras—although at the time I didn’t know what chakras were—but the energy was opening fountains of light at different levels and each level brought a different kind of experience.  Near the upper part of my body my inner sight opened and I saw deities with six hands and saw my astral bodies. When the energy reached the point of my fontanelle, I experienced indescribable bliss, but it didn’t stop there. The column of light went out of my head and into two waterfalls falling back on my astral bodies and nourishing them with liquid light. My hands went into mudra postures;

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[Mar 15, 2012]


Guidelines for anusthan, focused spiritual practice.


You will find a number of other articles about anusthan in the also featured sidebar.


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[Feb 6, 2012]

Feb 3 Ekadashi Fasting* is beneficial/recommended Feb 6/7 Full Moon Begins on 2/6 at 3:17 p.m. PST; ends on 2/7 at 1:54 p.m. PST Feb 17 Ekadashi Fasting* is beneficial/recommended Feb 19 Maha Shivaratri (Sunday night until sunrise Monday, 2/20) Literally, the great night of Shiva, this is the most auspicious night of the year
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[Feb 2, 2012]

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In 2010, a disciple was inspired by Shri Dhyanyogiji to donate $300,000 as a matching gift to pay down DYC’s mortgage debt.  The response from everyone was phenomenal!  With everyone’s combined contribution, we were able to reduce our mortgage by over $500,000! Encouraged by this outpouring of love and support for
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[Dec 10, 2011]

We are very happy to announce that the Woodbury Yoga Center in Woodbury, Connecticut has graciously offered Muktidham, the center’s meditation hall, as the site of a murti of our beloved Guruji. See a slideshow in which Satya Palumbo writes of her experience of this special event, and see a video of it as well.

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[Nov 25, 2011]

Just in time for the holidays, Shakti Online is introducing a new feature: DYC Marketplace.  The DYC stores, both online and in Antioch, have been recently filled with wonderful items, perfect for gift-giving. This month we focus on five new DVD’s, recordings of workshops taught by Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji. Each DVD covers a different yogic practice that offers profound spiritual, material and health benefits.

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[Nov 5, 2011]

Dive Into It!

Great saints like Mirabai, Narsinh Mehta, Tukaram, Chaitanya-mahaprabhu, and many more chanted all their lives and were victorious over life and the world, and many merged with God with their physical bodies. Such is the power of chanting. Guruji always chanted mentally. His fingers would always tap to the beat of the Lord in His heart.