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Amrit, Nectar of the Gods

4 June 2011 2 Comments Print article Print article

photo: dreamglowpumpkincat210

A Disciple’s Experience

In these times, everyone is challenged with trials and tribulations and the word peace seems like just another five-letter word found in the dictionary. It is in such times that God’s miracles begin to manifest. The story I am about to share not only increases my faith and commitment to God and Guru, but confirms an understanding of how important the role of the Guru is in our lives.

A few years ago, during the week before Guru Purnima, I had houseguests. Wanting to beautify my home and honor my guests as the Gods they are, I purchased a one-stem, four-bud, raspberry-colored stargazer flower. The smell from it was quite aromatic, as if in a field of exotic flowers. By the way, the stargazer was directly in front of the Divine Mother in the form of Amba, the aspect of the Divine Mother that is also our beloved Guru, hanging on the wall.

As the week ended and my guests departed, I was tidying up the house and I noticed that some sticky liquid-like substance had appeared on top of the shelf where the flower was resting. I looked closer and saw that this sticky substance was dripping off all the flower’s petals. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes and then when I knew what I was looking at, I went into denial trying to rationalize that this is what these flowers normally do. But my higher self knew that it was amrit, the divine nectar of the Gods. I was quite astonished and in disbelief, thanking the Divine Mother all the while. Not knowing what to do, I began to eat this substance and found its taste quite sweet, resembling honey. Then I started licking the petals of the flower that were about to fall off! Again, I was in disbelief, but it tasted so good I had to accept that this was indeed amrit. This amrit continued to flow until the full moon and Guru Purnima came and went.

Later I asked our beloved Guru what it was that came from that flower and Anandi Ma confirmed that it was amrit.

So when your faith is low or wavering because the world is just too much, remember we are blessed and our beloved Guru is always with us capturing our attention and blessing us constantly whether or not we feel, see or believe that this divine umbilical cord, sometimes called Guru tattwa, exists.

Your sister in love,

Rafiki Rama



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  • lynden michael hardinge said:

    blessed be all of us thankyou for all mother for it is true you are an eternal fountain of truth. oh mother and the name mother is given to all those who love at risk for loves sake please stay in my heart sweet queen. loving beyond measure who does not rest till all are blessed tears are flowing from my eyes but thanks to you mother i realise you have moved into my sone cold heart thankyou thankyou thankyou may all known and unknow be blessec like i have been whith your vigalence concern and heart felt blessing thru your example i feel like a bird thats just beeb taught to fly . yes may all be blessed with your guidance and may everbe happy all your loved children please mother dont ever leave a sou l to flounder in ignorence of your true love ma all be happy aum namah shivani thank you once again your child inlove lynden michael hardinge xxxxxooooolove to allxo.

  • Barbara Elerick said:

    These past couple of weeks had been very challenging for me since I recuperated from major surgery. All had gone well and I was sent home after three days. Since I could not sit up I did japa lying in bed and I read “This House is on Fire”. Since I knew that Anandi Ma and Deleepji had gone to India I thought that they were busy with their work and disciples in India
    and decided to wait with my prayers till they were back in the US.
    Two nights ago I was about to go to sleep . My bedroom was in total darkness. Just as I was falling asleep there was suddenly a loud voice coming out of the dark. I fully woke up again and heard a cheerful and energetic voice clearly speaking in a language I did not understand. I then realized it was Anandi Ma’s voice coming from the direction of a photograph I have of her and Deleepji on a bookshelf. As soon as I realized what was occurring, the voice faded, but I felt a whirlwind
    of energy for a while until I fell asleep again. Remembering this experience the next morning I started having some doubts but the higher truth in my heart tells me that it had all really happened. I believe it was Dhjanyogiji who through our dear Anandi Ma let me know that they are always present and with us, no matter whether they are in the US, in India or elsewhere in the world. I bow my head in great humility and gratitude for such a divine blessing.

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