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About Eclipse Practices

22 May 2010 2 Comments Print article Print article

Shri Anandi Ma and Bapuji recommend that disciples get together to do group practices during solar and lunar eclipses. If that is not possible, they ask that we at least do practices individually for the duration of the eclipse. Doing practices during these times is very, very beneficial and protects us from the negativity of the eclipse itself. Additionally, whatever is practiced during the eclipse becomes perfected much more quickly and easily than at other times.

Ma and Bapuji request that we take advantage of these opportunities. They are negative times in some ways. In terms of the perfection of our practices, however, they are very positive. Ma and Bapuji further recommend that we follow these guidelines:

During the actual eclipse:

1. It is preferable not to drive and/or go outside.

2. Meet in groups to recite the Rama Raksha stotram in anusthan for the duration of the eclipse. If you are unable to meet in a group, do the repetitions of the stotram by yourself. If you do not know the stotram, recite the Guru mantra given at shaktipat.

3. Try to stay up and do spiritual practices for the duration of the eclipse. Doing practices in a group keeps each other “going.” (Check with local DYC centers or get together on your own.)

4. Eat or throw away all prepared foods before the eclipse begins. As much as possible, buy all fresh food after the eclipse is over. (This does not apply to frozen and canned foods.)

5. If possible, do not eat anything during the eclipse. Ideally, one should fast without food or drink.

After the eclipse, shower and wash your hair.

If the eclipse is not visible in your region, it is not necessary to do the practices. You can check your local news sources for the timing in your area. The U.S. Naval Observatory website section on eclipses, found here, has detailed world maps and timing information.



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  • Bree said:

    Hello there,

    I was staying at my moms in Marin on the 20th.
    I couldnt find this e-mail while I was at her house at ALL !
    I couldn’t understand why.
    So I didn’t read the part about being inside and washing your hair part till now.
    I did sit outside for short periods of time to watch the eclipse.
    I made a short list of things I wanted to let go of, and called angels and masters(jesus, Appollo and so on) to guide me in certain areas of my life. I did include Anandi Ma and Gurushi durring this time, and felt thier energy. Anything I should do to remedy anything I should of done differently ? Thankyou so much.

    Much Love,

    Bree Pfrang

  • sue rama said:

    Please see the article on eclipse practices on this site. Eclipses are important spiritual opportunities, but they also carry negative aspects that can be minimized by following the recommended guidelines.

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