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A Shivaratri Message from Ma and Bapuji

2 February 2012 3 Comments Print article Print article

Dear Ones,

Jai Mahadeva.

The exquisite night of Lord Shiva – Maha Shivaratri – is coming up. It is an opportunity to once again open further and strengthen the bond with the Supreme.

As is said in the Ramayana, Lord Rama does not accept any devotion if the devotee does not also show love and honor to the form of Lord Shiva; and Lord Shiva states the same about Ram. The two worship each other as their Ishta-Devatas, i.e., the chosen form of the Divine. This of course means that all forms are one; there is no difference. One may have a chosen form to worship but equal love, honor and respect must exist for all.

Please take advantage of the energy of this powerful night. If possible, stay up all night and do practices – it surely won’t be the end if you miss one night’s sleep. The spiritual energy and other benefits gained far exceed that. Open your heart to Lord Shiva and Lord Rama will fill you with His grace and love. Rama and Shiva will take you to realization.

May the Absolute One remove from your heart and mind all duality and lead to the Unity of your self with the Supreme Self.

Love and Blessings,

Ma & Bapuji


Maha Shivaratri falls on February 19th. Please make an effort to stay up for all or part of the night and chant. Contact your local center to find out what is planned for this special night.



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  • Pratik said:


    I would like to know if the “Maha Shivaratri – night” is from 19-20.2.12 or 20-21.1.12.
    What is the exact time?

    Sita Ram,

  • sue rama said:

    The date and time might depend on your location in the world. I would check with the nearest Dhyanyoga Center if you have one in your part of the world.

  • Yeshe said:

    May all realize that giving great love, devotion and honor to one Devata, one is showing love, devotion and honor to all Devatas, masculine and feminine! May all become one with the Ishta Devata and attain self-realization , for the great benefit of many!

    Ramdas (Ken Davidson)

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