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A Prayer to Sita

30 April 2011 No Comments Print article Print article








May 11 is Sita Jayanti. This is a powerful day to do extra practices such as chanting, japa, puja, and meditation.






Oh! Divine Mother,

Consort of the supreme Brahma:,

You are the incarnation of the primordial sound OM,

You have indeed manifested with several names,

Aditi, Usha, Pusha, Wakk, Mahi, Saraswati (the Goddess of knowledge) …


‘Laxmi’, the Goddess of auspicious inspirations,

‘Gauri’, the consort of Lord Shiva,

‘Janaki’, the consort of Lord Rama,

Katyayini, Manasa, Durga, Kali,

Chandi, Vimala, Maheshwari

And many other powerful incarnations are but You.

Oh! Divine Mother,

Consort of the supreme Brahma,

You have infinite number of names,

You dwell in the several beautiful forms of all women,

You are endowed with all of nature’s wealth,

The cosmos is but Your expression.

Oh! Divine Mother, Consort of the supreme Brahma, The infinite space

And the countless stars it holds,

Are but Your sparkling ornaments.

You are indeed the Mother of The evolution of life on earth.

Oh! Divine Mother, Consort of the supreme Brahma,

Shakti (Energy), Bhakti (devotion), Mukti (liberation),

Are the three Gunas (virtues) that adorn You,

Oh! Sita, the Empowered Mother,

Please come and reside in my heart.


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