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Welcome to Our New Online Magazine!

20 April 2010 4 Comments Print article Print article

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We want to welcome you Dhyanyoga Center’s first monthly issue of Shakti Online, our online magazine. Shakti Online magazine will be our new international internet community hub, with articles, events calendars, and interactive features.

If you are subscribed to our any of our e-bulletins, you’ll receive a notice from in an e-mail each month, alerting you that a new edition of Shakti Online is available for you to view.  Just click on the link highlighted in the e-mail message and you’ll be connected to Shakti Online. If you or anyone you know would like to subscribe to our e-bulletins and/or Shakti Online monthly emails, there is a convenient subscription button in the sidebar. And of course Shakti Online will always be available for browsing at

For almost 30 years our printed newsletter, Shakti, has been a vital means of bringing Shri Anandi Ma’s wisdom, disciples’ experiences, and news of upcoming events and retreats to the DYC community as a traditionally formatted paper publication. It has been our primary communications tool, and we have long produced it using the traditional format of the printed page. However, in order to take advantage of the internet’s ability to communicate quickly and efficiently, and to accommodate our changing reading habits, Dhyanyoga Centers will now be turning to a number of different vehicles for communication in both printed and digital form including:

  • Shakti Online magazine
  • E-bulletins about upcoming events and news
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Our brand new printed Shakti Journal (the first issue has been sent out to Shakti subscribers)
  • An annual printed catalog of events

In this first edition, we are just getting Shakti Online off the ground. In the coming months, there will be many more features to look forward to, including slideshows, videos, an interactive calendar, the ability to comment on articles, and more. The DYC blog will eventually become part of Shakti Online as well.

In addition to Shakti Online, the full-color e-bulletins/reminders that began last year will also continue to be published. They have proven to be very helpful.

If there is anyone in your area who does not have Internet access, please reach out to them and share Shakti Online and e-bulletins. Feel free to print out any articles and announcements. Your local group meditation programs are a good place to keep those folks informed of the latest Shakti Online installment. Please encourage people who don’t have home internet access to use their public library or a friend’s computer to find the latest information about events and to read articles.

We will continue to publish a printed version of Shakti, now called Shakti Journal, periodically, with the second edition planned for the second quarter of this year.  This printed journal will focus on Ma’s talks and satsangs and disciples’ experiences. Please note that since the features of Shakti Journal will be archived in Shakti Online, we will be phasing out the pdf version of the print publication.

A yearly listing of Dhyanyoga Centers events and all registration forms are now being provided in an annual catalog/ Shri Anandi Ma’s 2010 Schedule of Events booklet.

As we implement changes to a structure that has been in place for quite some time, there will be a bit of a learning curve for us all.  Rest assured, though, that our intention and best efforts are focused on enhancing communication within our community.  While the subtle connection between Guru and disciple is always there, DYC communications will continue to be a vital bridge.

Sita Rama!

Shakti staff




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    Commenting can help build a sense of community.
    We welcome constructive commenting, which will be available on certain articles. Comments will be monitored, so please be patient for them to appear. If you are comfortable using your photo, that will help us to get to know each other. We may not all be avatars, but we can now each have one of our own online! A photo which appears next to your comment is called an avatar. When you go to comment, consider registering at (see link below), which will allow you to upload a photo to accompany a comment, if you so choose.
    Sita Ram,
    Shakti Staff

  • rafael "jayram" monfort said:

    so happy to have the system going. will send picture of me later.

  • Mital said:

    Shakti Online looks beautiful! Big thanks to the staff.

  • Cary said:

    I am delighted with Shakti Online!

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