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A New Year’s Message from Shri Anandi Ma

6 January 2012 10 Comments Print article Print article

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. I send my love and blessings to you all.

In India, just as in other countries, it is traditional to wish each other Happy New Year. But there is also a custom from time immemorial to seek blessings from elders. We all, as disciples of our beloved Dhyanyogi, seek his blessing every step of the way but especially with the coming of the new year.

There is invisible strength in the good wishes and blessings of saints and elders. Nowadays, bowing down to elders and one’s Guru has become a formality in most cases. But in ancient times the importance and value of blessings was immense. No auspicious or new venture was initiated without the blessings of one’s Guru, parents and other elders in the family. They were considered very essential for strength and welfare. It was the experience of most people that they failed in most of their endeavors if they had not received such blessings.

What is the meaning of a blessing? In short, it means “auspicious sankalpa” and “good feelings.” Just as the atmosphere of negative thoughts travels far and wide, similarly thoughts of good wishes and their minute currents also keep on spreading and reach the hearts of people.

The lives of saints are selfless. In their hearts, there is always love, and in the mind and speech they will the welfare of every soul. They have no desire for any personal gain, so their firm feelings keep on sending powerful thought waves. Since such pure-hearted sages never wish harm, they give blessings only for projects of the highest values and these blessings carry immense strength to yield positive results. The generosity of the heart and good wishes bear fruit and blessings.

One whose mind is filled with the thoughts of the welfare of others sees brightness everywhere. By the blessings of such a person, there is an increase in hope and enthusiasm, and the inner mind swims in bliss. By the grace of the blessing, our self-confidence, which was suppressed, is reactivated.

Every blessing is a sort of signal or “suggestion.” Just as iron armor protects the physical body in war, similarly blessings can be described as “mental armor.” The warrior who wears this secret mental armor given by his Guru dashes forward in life with renewed zest, vigor and courage and surges forward as a leader and progresses in his duties.

All energies are invisible. We cannot visualize air, electricity or the soul physically. Similarly the energy of blessings of saints is invisible. We receive intuition from it in minute form. It is a source of energy hidden in our heart. By accepting such blessings with faith and devotion, we receive both strength and courage. A strong sankalpa is created within us, which indicates that we are not doing anything wrong. In this way, blessings also strengthen our faith in the Guru.

We are so lucky to enjoy the love and blessings of one of the greatest saints who walked this earth. Let us all accept that with love and let our hearts reach out and touch his lotus feet.

May Lord Ram grant you peace, love, prosperity and happiness in the coming year and always.

Love and Blessings,

Shri Anandi Ma


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  • sue rama said:

    Oh, Ma, this is so very beautiful and inspiring!

    Thank you so much for the protection and bliss of all of your blessings.

    Sita Ram,
    Sue Rama

  • Kajal said:

    This is so beautiful! We are so fortunate to be in the midst of such amazing insight, love and an abundance of blessings!
    Sita Ram!

  • Ariana said:

    Gururmadhye sthitā mātā mātrimadhye sthita guru
    Gururmātā namastestu mātriguru namāmyaham

    i offer my full guru pranam.


  • satya said:

    i find it amazing that as i am more able to feel the power of this blessing in my life, the power of humilitywashes over me. This then blooms into the very relaxed confidence Ma describes – amazing.

  • rafael 'jayram" monfort said:

    My seeking has stopped there is comfort with our beloved Guruji and Shri Anandima… Iam so lucky I bow to thee.

  • Laura Franklin now Swantner (Vasanti) said:

    Happy New Year to you and thank you for the words of wisdom and love! I feel your energy and love every time I look at your photo each day!
    Thank you so very much for everything!!!!!!
    I love you!

  • Jamuna Judy said:

    Dearest Ma – Thank you so much for the blessings you bestow endlessly on us all. Your selfless Love is felt through even the harshest tests. For this comfort and bliss that you so unconditionally give, I joyfully sing: Sita Ram!! Jai Ma!! and surrender my heart.

  • Arati said:

    Thank You so much for the words of wisdom. The connection to You is so important. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
    Sita Ram

  • Parakh Raval said:

    namskar pranam !

  • Yeshe said:

    Dear Anandi Ma:

    I am very grateful to you, Bapuji and Dhyanyogijis for your many blessings! Thank you for the precious gift of Shaktipat, and for your continual love and blessings to those you have initiated. May we all attain the Supreme Goal in order to benefit many!

    Ramdas (Ken Davidson)

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