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A Navratri Message from Ma and Bapuji

September 16, 2012 | Click here to print.

Dear Ones,

Attaining this human body is the greatest gift of creation. During the course of life a few rare opportunities come along to help one attain the goal to regain the Source. The meeting with and of a Guru, is the second-most greatest gift. Further on, many small and big chances present themselves to bring us closer to that goal, our true selves.

Every Navratri is that unique opportunity that comes once every year. NEVER miss it. This year it runs from October 15-22 with Dasherra falling on the 23rd.  Try to put aside everything and concentrate your mind, time and energy to deepen and reconnect with God through the Guru. These are priceless moments. The energy that flows is profound but needs to be caught and trapped with no external distractions. This was Guruji’s advice to us. We request you follow the same.

For those who attended the Maha Samadhi retreat, follow the practices given then. Others please practice any new mantras and/or stotrams you received this year. The rest try to do as many Rama mantras as possible. Follow the anusthan guidelines. Eat one meal a day and keep engrossed in practice and in the life story of our dear Guru.

May the Lord’s energy, through all His shakti forms, manifest in your hearts, minds and lives and bring new and true dimensions of vision and understanding.


Love and Blessings,

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