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A Message From Ma and Bapuji

30 November 2010 7 Comments Print article Print article

Dear Ones,

As Ma and myself are getting ready to leave for India and continue with our period of rest and rejuvenation, we would like to thank you for your love and support. We would like to thank you deeply for all the love and wishes, gifts and donations made on our birthdays. We will be in some touch off and on in some ways but do remember and have the faith that in subtle realms we are closer than your own breath itself. We will miss being with disciples but we hope and pray that we will return with renewed strength and infinite energy to help you even more deeply in your journey towards the divine.

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Christmas and holiday season filled with the deepest and most profound joy. May the presence of the Lord be more tangible than ever before and may your heart overflow with unconditional love.

May the new year be the most peaceful and prosperous ever.

Love & Blessings,

Ma & Bapuji


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  • vasan said:

    Sai Ram.
    We, in India, are looking forward to have some nice time with you.
    Jai Sri Rama !!!

  • Tiffany Davignon Semon said:

    Dear Ma and Bapuji,
    Thank YOU both for all that you do for us and for all. Your letter (above) is most kind. I will see you in Nikora next month (January). I feel honored and blessed to be welcomed to Ma’s & Guruji’s Ashrams. Meeting with you both…just us three (in Litchfield, CT) was very special to me. I thank you for your time and your loving, listening ear. Much in my life has changed since then and since you have entered my life. I will be forever grateful.
    Sita Ram, Namaste, Love to you both!
    Tiffany…and John too!!

  • Heather Madison said:

    Dearest Ma and Bapuji:

    It is heartening to read these kind words from you. Much peace and love to you both during the holiday season, and during your entire period of rejuvenation and rest!

    Sita Ram,
    Heather Madison

  • Sarita Hofvendahl said:

    As always Ma and Bapuji are thinking of us, even when they’re trying to take a break.
    Jai Gurudev!
    Love and Devotion,
    Sarita H.

  • Ariana said:

    Dearest Ma and Bapuji~
    Only gratitude for you both ~ for all that you do, have-on, and hold ~ seen and unseen.
    You will be, and are, felt in my swelling heart and heard in my inner ear.
    Yours, Ariana

  • chanda said:

    pu, Ma & bapuji
    when i visit nikora i am speechless My holly GURUDEV is bless you Ma Really we feel yu. lots of love
    dave chanda.

  • Sumitra said:

    I love you Ma and Bapuji!!! I love you 🙂

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