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A New Year’s Message from Ma and Bapuji

9 December 2011 7 Comments Print article Print article

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we prepare to enter the new year, let’s put the first step on the threshold with the name of God in our hearts, on our mind and tip of the tongue.

In 2012, resolve to hold the mālā more often and longer. The more the mālā is turned, the greater the mālā, more impurities are destroyed and the removal of the bonds of māyā is deepened.

The letter L from the word mala is the longing to meet the lord and the Y from mā is the yearning to merge. In both the words Mā precedes each of those letters, so request the grace of the Mother.

As we write this we received one describing the significance of our Guru mantra. The writer sent these words spoken by the realized sage Yagnyavalkyaji:

“The one who does regular and daily japa of the Rama shadakshara mantra becomes pure, like being heated in fire (like gold).

He is also purified by the wind, sun, moon, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra.

Through all the devatas he becomes the knower of Brahma and is accepted by them to be of that status.

Understand that he is worshipping the Creator with all the fire ceremonies.

It is equal to doing the japa of the mantras from the Puranas and also all the Rudra mantras and he attains the fruits thereof.

By doing the sadakshara mantra he has also done japa of hundreds of thousands of the Gayatri mantra and attained its fruits.

And he has surely attained the japa of one hundred billion Om mantras.

He purifies the past ten and the future ten generations of his family.

He is freed from all negative karma and becomes pure to meet Rama.

He indeed becomes great and attains immortality.”

After these words from the great Master Himself what are you waiting for! Run and grab the mālā, close the eyes and start the japa.

May God and Guru remove all the obstacles in japa and meditation and May your heart race to the Lord and the mind mingle in the name.

Ma and Bapuji



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  • Parakh Raval said:

    nava vars ni subhkamana!

  • Chanda said:

    Dear Bapuji and Near “MA”
    I read yor ashirvad.DANDVAT PRANAM……..

  • Jacqui said:

    Dearest Bapuji and Beloved Ma,

    At your sacred feet – Eternal, eternal gratitude.

  • Ariana said:

    Dear Ma & Bapuji,
    Thanks & praise for your continued love, guidance & grace.


  • rafael 'jayram" monfort said:

    My dearest Anandima and Bapuji,
    My love and devotion to thy lotus feet.
    Your beloved devotee,

  • Urmila said:

    Dear Bapuji and Beloved Maa

    At your Sacred feet, Eternal Eternal gratitude.
    Sita Ram


  • Yeshe said:

    May all these positive effects of the recitation of the Ram mantra in their fullest be realized by each and every one who recites it!

    Ramdas (Ken Davidson)

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