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A Message from Ma and Bapuji

29 July 2011 One Comment Print article Print article

In 1995 Shri Anandi Ma sent the following message and, seventeen years after Dhyanyogiji’s passing, it is still the absolute truth:   

Dear Ones,

It will be a year since our Guru, whom we called Shri Dhyanyogiji, left us, but our Guruji is still very much around us and with us constantly. Does our shadow ever leave us?

Guruji is working harder now with those already connected with Him and those trying to connect with Him. He wants us to see, hear, and talk with Him with our subtle eyes, ears, and tongue. Don’t we see, hear, talk, perform, etc. in dreams and meditations? Now we have to learn to reach that state. This is what he wants. The walking stick is to be discarded. We can walk tall with the support of His love, the strength of His teachings, the courage of His will and determination. The beauty and splendor of the person we knew as Dhyanyogiji continues on even though He has left this physical plane.

We are the best and becoming even better, because we have in our lives the best of Gurus. Never doubt this fact. If you have this faith, no obstacle, no force in creation can stop you in any way.

A year has passed, yet it feels like this happened just yesterday. It feels as though we were just with Him at the final darshan and rites, the other day. It seems that all those times and moments during the past year not spent in His memory and thought have been a waste of time. Such was His Love to create such feeling. Truly, He was the best Lion King ever. May you hear His roar in your hearts continuously and become a lion, too.

Love and Blessings,

Ma and Dileepji


The Mahasamadhi Retreat in Antioch, California

Every year since Shri Dhyanyogi left His body in 1994, disciples from all over the world have gathered together to celebrate the anniversary of this event. We come together to honor His life and teachings and to open our hearts to His ever-present Love and Grace. This weekend is packed with intense spiritual practice, meditation, joyous chanting, and celebration.

This year is particularly auspicious since Ma will have just returned from her first sabbatical.

Bapuji recently wrote:

It has been my experience that Guruji’s energy after a sabbatical was very powerful. When I first met Him in 1960 it was impossible to look into His eyes for long. After a sabbatical, the same was experienced. So please don’t miss this opportunity when Ma first emerges after the sabbatical. You may not get a similar golden opportunity again.

If you can possibly attend, make the effort to do so and be showered with the amazing Grace that is the love of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji!

Click here for more information.


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  • Suryakant Small said:

    My relationship with Guruji, in this present physical lifetime, has always been on the subtle level. I received shaktipat from Ma and Bapuji on July 21, 1990, four years and one month before Guruji’s mahasamadhi. Although I did not travel to India to meet Guruji in person during the years between the time I received shaktipat and the time of Guruji’s mahasamadhi, my subtle relationship with Guruji has been continuous, intense, and profoundly emotional for me, starting from the moment of shaktipat and continuing today. I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for Guruji’s grace, Guruji’s love, and Guruji’s beautiful smile, which I see more and more clearly every day in my mind’s eye.

    Guruji said, “I am always with you.” I promise you, based on my 21 years of personal experience, Guruji IS always with us!!!

    Sita Ram,

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